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Contract Administration - Procurements
Invitation To Bid, Request for Proposals, and Request for Qualifications

The ACHD Contract Administration team, oversees obtaining public works construction, goods and services via a sealed bid and other procurement processes. Contractors, suppliers, or vendors are invited to participate in any open, advertised solicitation. Procurement Documents for solicitations include the scope of work, specifications, and terms and conditions of the proposed contract as well as the evaluation criteria, as may be applicable. Sealed bids are opened at a specific date and time as stated in the Procurement Documents. Bid Openings can be witnessed by all who may wish to attend. Other procurement types are also to be submitted by the date and time as stated in the solicitation.

Current Procurements By Types

  • Public Works Construction
  • Including, but not limited to:
    • Bridges
    • Intersections/Roundabouts
    • Pedestrian Sidewalks/Signals
    • Roadways
    • Traffic Signals
    • Storm Drainage
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Including, but not limited to:
    • Heavy Equipment/Vehicles
    • Magnesium Chloride
    • Office Supplies
    • Road Salt
    • Safety Clothing
    • Signal Poles/Mast Arms
  • Services
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Architecture/Engineering
      • Custodial
      • Grounds Maintenance
      • Herbicide
      • Printing/Audit/Auction
      • Traffic Control

For additonal information:

ACHD Main Line: 208-387-6100
Contract Administration Office:  208-387-6316
Contract Administration FAX:  208-387-7650
Or email us at: Procurements

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