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Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)

The Bicycle Advisory Committee,(BAC), is comprised of a group of area cyclists representing commuters and recreational users. The BAC, following the guidlines set forth in the BAC Resolution, advises the District about new road designs, roadway maintenance needs specific to cyclists, and other cycling-related issues. All committee meetings are open to the public.

BAC Committee Members And ACHD Staff Advisors

According to the BAC bylaws , this advisory committee will be comprised of volunteers who are active bicycling advocates. They must be residents of Ada County, and represent a broad cross section of cyclists, including individual riders and members of the cycling community.

The Current Committee members are:

  •   Lisa Brady (Chair) represents Safe Routes to School and resides in North Boise (ACHD Commission District 3)
  •   Gary Segers (Vice Chair) resides in Garden City (ACHD Commission District 3)
  •   John Mooney Jr. (Secretary) resides in East Boise (ACHD Commission District 1)
  •   Cody Boyce resides in North Boise (ACHD Commission District 3)
  •   Morgan Cornwall resides in Boise (ACHD Commission District 2)
  •   Brent Jennings resides in West Boise (ACHD Commission District 3)
  •   Wava Kaufman resides in Kuna (ACHD Commission District 4)
  •   Greg Laragan resides in Meridian (ACHD Commission District 4)
  •   Debbie Lombard-Bloom resides in Boise (ACHD Commission District 3)
  •   Mary Beth Nutting resides in Boise (ACHD Commission District 3)
  •   Jared Ostyn resides in the Boise Bench (ACHD Commission District 2)
  •   Nina Schaeffer resides in Boise Central Bench (ACHD Commission District 1)
  •   Andrew Query resides in Garden City (ACHD Commission District 5)
  •   Brian McClure is a planner for the City of Meridian, and is an ex officio member of the Committee.

ACHD Staff Advisors
  •   Kristy Inselman -- Senior Transportation Planner.
  •   Josh Saak -- is a bicycle commuter, avid cyclist and Traffic Design Engineer.
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Meeting Schedule:

The Bicycle Advisory Committee generally meets the first Monday of every month at the Ada County Highway District Headquarters.

The next meeting will be a Virtual Meeting on November 2nd at 5:30 p.m.
 November 2nd Meeting Agenda
 November 2nd Presentation Packet
 Fairview, Locust Grove To Eagle Concept Plans (pdf - large file)

Previous Meeting Minutes:

 September Meeting Minutes

 July Meeting Minutes

Previous Meeting Packet:

 October Meeting Agenda and Meeting Packet

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ACHD Main Line: 208-387-6100
Committee Contact:  208-387-6252
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