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Maintenance Areas How will they help?

The ACHD Maintenance Division is implementing a new "Maintenance Area" program. With over 5,125 lane miles of roadway, more than 766 bridges, and large culverts within the ACHD's juristiction, maintenance crews are always active. In the past, each maintenance activity had its own zones and sub-zones which was not only difficult to track, but also confusing for the public. "With so many different activities, it has been a struggle to report on costs and production in any particular area as well as for citizens to remember which zone and sub-zone they reside in based on the associated activity." said Lloyd Carnegie, Manager of ACHD Maintenance. With the new system, our customers only need to determain the Maintenance Area where they live. Their maintenance area will not change, whether crews are crack sealing, chip sealing, making concrete/ashpalt repairs, tree trimming, or cleaning storm drains. This will make our teams more efficient, and be easier for the general public to understand activies and locations.

How to find your Maintenance Area

Illustration of Maintenance Area in jpg
  •   Locate the Area where you reside.
  •   On the link above, enter an address or intersection in the search box
  •   Find the desired location and note the Maintenance Area number. In the example to the left, the Maintenance Area is 100.
  •   No matter which maintenance activity is being performed, the Maintenance Area will remain constant.
  •  Locate your street sweeping schedule!

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