The Ada County Highway District is asking for your help to find potholes in Ada County that need to be repaired. The asphalt plants are fired up and ACHD crews are ready to hear from you!


1. Locate a pothole
2. Report it
3. ACHD will repair it as quickly as possible*


There are three ways to report a pothole to ACHD.

  • TELL US  People can report roadway issues, give comments, concerns and compliments through the Tellus system. All Tellus inquiries are forwarded to the appropriate department for response. Tell Us Form

  • ACHD REPORTER  People can report potholes and other roadway problems with their smartphones using the ACHD Reporter app. Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions to download the app to your cell phone. Then, take a picture of the pothole, give a brief description of the location, and hit send. Now you can report potholes (or any other roadway issue) anytime, anywhere! ACHD Reporter Smartphone App

  • CALL (208) 387-6325 (E. of Cole Road) or                 (208) 387-6350 (W. of Cole Road).

Pothole image
Though there may be other contributing factors, potholes are generally created when water gets into the base material of the road, weakening the structure. Traffic moving over the poorly supported asphalt surface then causes the road to begin to disintegrate, creating potholes.


*ACHD Maintenance crews normally respond and fill pothole requests within 24 hours. However, due to the increased volume of requests during this event, response times may vary.

**ACHD Reporter should not be used to report emergencies. In case of emergency, dial 911.