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Street Sweeping

The ACHD sweeping crew operates street sweepers all year removing leaves, dust and sand from the roads.  Sweeping is also part of the annual chipsealing process. The following is the general schedule the sweeping crew follows every year: 

  • March through May: Street sweeping by zone. The county has been divided in four zones for street sweeping purposes. See Zone Maps below.
  • June through September: Sweeping up excess chips behind the chipsealing crew.
  • October through February: Finish sweeping chips from chipsealing if needed and zone sweeping. Crews are also busy sweeping leaves as well as sand throughout the county after winter maintenance.

Sweeper Truck image

Note: Throughout the year we also respond to emergencies and complaints received via telephone.

Download Street Sweeping Information Sheet

Weekly Street Sweeping Update

Zone Maps:
Entire County | Zone 1 | Zone 2 | Zone 3 | Zone 4 | Zone 5
Zone 6 | Zone 7 | Zone 8 | Zone 9 (Downtown Boise)