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Chip Seal Information for 2020

After careful consideration, a very thorough review of the Governor's recent order and his four phased requirements, and heavily weighing all internal and external options, the Ada County Highway District has come to the very difficult decision to forego the chip sealing operation 2020.

As part of the ACHD maintenance program crews chip seal street surfaces (including new streets) to protect them from water and weather damage, so they stay in good condition. Crews start preparing the roadway for chip sealing in early spring, as the weather allows.

The chip sealing process consists of five phases:

  • sweeping prior to the chip seal
  • applying the chip seal
  • sweeping excess chips
  • applying the fog seal
  • sweeping after the fog seal
On-street parking will be affected during each phase. Temporary No Parking signs will be placed in most areas. When you see these signs, it is an indication that crews will be in the area within approximately the next 24 to 48 hours. This is a mobile operation and it is weather and equipment dependent.

We appreciate your patience during this time as we maintain your roadways and strive to maintain our roadway rating as, "the best in the Northwest".

For additional information:

ACHD Main Line: 208-387-6100
Adams Division 208-387-6325
Cloverdale Division 208-387-6350
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