Street Sweeping Areas and Weekly Updates

The sweeping plan is divided into nine zones. This enables crews to meet or exceed the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits issued by the EPA, and better serve the people in Ada County. The following is the general schedule the sweeping crews follow every year:

  • October through February:
    • Finish sweeping chips from chip sealing if needed and maintenance area sweeping. Crews are also busy sweeping leaves as well as sand throughout the county after winter maintenance.
  • March through May:
    • Street sweeping by zone and maintenance areas. The county has been divided in nine zones for street sweeping purposes.
  • June through September:
    • Sweeping up excess chips behind the chip sealing crews.

Throughout the year, crews also respond to emergencies and calls across Ada County.

Photograph of Street Sweeper

Sweeping Areas

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