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2017-2021 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan

Ryan Head
Supervisor, Planning & Programming
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The ACHD Commission adopted the Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP) at its October 26, 2016 meeting. The plan is ACHD’s short-term capital project blueprint, detailing all road and intersection widening projects, bike and pedestrian projects, bridges and maintenance work, and when this work is expected to occur.

The $696 million plan contains some 317 projects and programs.

This is the fourth year of ACHD’s Integrated Five-Year Work Plan, a document that was expanded from earlier versions -- well beyond its traditional role of setting the concept, design, right-of-way acquisition and construction for all of ACHD's capital projects. The "integrated" aspect of the plan added the District's yearly efforts to operate, maintain, and enhance Ada County's 2,260-mile network of roads, bridges and intersections.

By including the construction and operations information in one source, the document better covers the totality of what ACHD does on an annual basis, making a more seamless transition from this plan to the actual budget document for each coming year.

This year the plan incorporates nearly $696 million in building, maintenance and operations. As in the past, the draft plan outlines the concept, design, right-of-way and construction years for some 317 projects and programs.

Projects are included in the plan as a result of community input, as well as safety, scheduling and a number of technical factors.

To learn more about the projects in the plan view the interactive web map. For more complete project details, see the project documents below.

A note about terminology:
CN stands for "construction."
    PD indicates "preliminary development," a phase at which ACHD may spend money on a project that still has no firm construction date.
    UF means "unfunded" and indicates a project that may be pursued in the future.






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