Spending and Revenue
ACHD spreads dollars, projects consistently across Ada County

ACHD Releases Annual Revenue and Spending Report for 2016

Garden City –
The seventh annual ACHD revenue and expense report, released February 2, 2017, details more than $1 billion in spending on transportation within each city and Ada County since 2002.

The report illustrates generally even distribution of services and projects received by each city in 2016 and over the 15-year span covered by the report. For example, Boi2016 Revenue Split Chartse residents received some $46 million in projects, maintenance and other services last year, while the city as a whole contributed nearly $42 million in property taxes, gas taxes, development impact fees and other revenue to the Ada County Highway District.

Although ACHD is a countywide entity, sending resources toward the greatest needs on the regional roadway system, the spending report provides a reference point for local officials.

High-growth areas can be seen by the amount of impact fees generated in each jurisdiction. Development impact fees are paid through building permits as new homes, stores, and industrial buildings are completed. Meridian produced the most impact fees from 2002 through 2016, generating nearly $62 million – an indication of the fast-paced growth over a decade and a half.

The just-completed analysis tracks the revenue collections and spending by local government boundaries from 2002 through 2016 and is based on ACHD’s annual – and audited – spending reports filed with the State of Idaho. The report encompasses more than $1 billion in spending.

Voters established ACHD in 1971 as a regional entity to oversee the transportation needs of the entire county. As such, the District has not put much stock in tracking revenues and expenses on a city-by-city basis because all taxpayers are part of the single, countywide system. Still, over time, the reports have shown that by responding to the greatest transportation needs, revenues are spent proportionately across the county.

In 2011, the ACHD Commission initiated the annual jurisdictional report in answer to repeated questions about where revenues were collected and expended.

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