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Kara Veit
Business and Community Relations Coordinator
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While roadwork improves transportation and makes it easier for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to get to where they need to go, ACHD understands that roadwork itself can be a problem for businesses.

Business Outreach

ACHD has a Business and Neighborhood Relations Coordinator who plans, organizes and implements outreach activities to explain ACHD programs and functions to business and residential community members.  The coordinator serves as a liaison between the ACHD and the business community to expedite construction projects and mitigate the negative impact of those projects on businesses.Maple Grove and Fairview

Help During Construction

During projects that impact businesses, ACHD will help with access signage and keep drivers informed that they can still stop by.

Click here to request information on help during construction

Business Recognition

ACHD appreciates the cooperation of businesses, and when appropriate will publically thank businesses.  This may be done during a special event, written about in a news release.

Businesses also appreciate ACHD's efforts to inform the public of road projects and business access points. One business even served hotdogs and hamburgers during a project on Fairview to attract customers, adding how they felt about ACHD to their sign.





Business thank you event

Business Thank You Event: Businesses along 42nd Street between Chinden and Adams in Garden City got a special thank you hot dog lunch from ACHD. The businesses were very helpful during a project on that street, which included rebuilding the road. Businesses let work crews store equipment and materials on their property and allowed alternative accesses to their businesses to keep employees and customers out of the construction zone.