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Wednesday, January 06, 2010
Major improvements coming to the Fairview and Five Mile intersection

The construction of improvements at the Five Mile Road and Fairview Avenue intersection is now underway and will greatly reduce congestion in the area with the addition of more travel lanes. The project will increase the intersection's capacity by providing new right and left turn lanes and additional through lanes. In addition, streetlights, curb, gutter, sidewalks and bicycle lanes will be built on this section of Five Mile. 

These changes will improve traffic flow, increase capacity, and improve pedestrian safety at an intersection that is currently congested. More traffic is anticipated in the future, with the latest numbers showing an average of 50,000 vehicles traveling through the intersection each day.

During construction, there will be lane restrictions and closures.  The first lane closure began this week and impacts Five Mile on the north and south sides of the intersection.  Construction contractors have taken the asphalt off of the lane on the west side of Five Mile at the intersection, reducing the number of lanes from three to two during this portion of the project.  The work is being done as part of the construction needed to widen the roadway.  Work will also include preparing for new signal poles and widening irrigation structures to accommodate what will eventually be a wider road.  ACHD waited to put any lane closures in place until after the holiday season.  There will still be one lane open in each direction for traffic on this section of Five Mile, but some delays are expected.  Business access will be maintained.  It is recommended that pedestrians choose a different route, as they will be diverted at this part of the intersection.

This portion of the project is expected to last until March 15.  There will be additional lane restrictions and closures as this project progresses.  The entire intersection project will cost around $2.4 million to construct. Most of the cost is being paid for with federal funds.  The entire construction is scheduled for completion in September 2010.  For more information go to

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