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Monday, May 24, 2010
ACHD Commission meetings now live online

For the first time residents can watch Ada County Highway District (ACHD) Commission meetings live from the comfort of a computer.  The first live streaming of an ACHD Commission meeting will be on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 6 p.m.  You can see the meeting at .
Wednesday’s meeting is expected to draw a lot of interest.  The Meridian Parks and Recreation Department is applying for a 60-acre park development called Julius Kleiner Park that would include a library, senior center and recreational complex.  It would be located north and east of the Fairview Avenue/Eagle Road intersection.  Although many want the park, there is concern about traffic impacts to the existing neighborhood, which drew a crowd for ACHD’s April meeting, the first hearing on the park.  Details on the park application can be found here:
“Watching meetings live online is a new option for the public to keep informed of what ACHD is doing,” said ACHD Commission President Sherry Huber.  “We realize that when there is major interest in a meeting topic, like there will be Wednesday, people may find it easier to watch from their computer, rather than being here in person.”
The ACHD Commission generally meets on the first, second, and third Wednesday of the month at noon and on the fourth Wednesday at 6 p.m. Each meeting will be live online at these times.  A meeting video archive is also available online, so people can see what happened at previous meetings.

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