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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Record-setting paving underway

Most Ada County drivers can expect to encounter an Ada County Highway District (ACHD) road resurfacing project this spring and summer as the highway district is doing a record-setting number of resurfacing projects on local roads.  Work is occurring across the county with around 170 locations planned. Many of the projects are happening in June.  This is more than what drivers are used to; typically only about 30 miles of ACHD road resurfacing work is done each year.  This year more than 50 miles of road are getting work.  This will mean delays for drivers. 

“We have never seen this amount of resurfacing in one season before, and it is thanks to the stimulus money received by ACHD,” said George Alton, ACHD Pavement Manager.  “This will help us catch up with a backlog of needed resurfacing projects and greatly improve our road system.”  More than $10 million in federal stimulus money secured by ACHD is funding over 40 of the projects. 

Resurfacing, also referred to as an overlay, is a street treatment where layers of deteriorated asphalt are removed and replaced with a fresh layer of pavement.  This helps extend the life of the road and prevents the need to do a costly full rebuild.  Work is planned at the following locations this week with work to begin on more roads soon.  The first of the overlays began in May and all of the locations are expected to be completed by fall.  Go to for more locations.

• Lake Forest Drive from Quamash Way to Flax Place
• Floating Feather Road from Edgewood Drive to State Highway 55
• Ustick Road from Locust Grove Road to just west of Leslie Way
• Cloverdale Road from Ustick Road to Meadow Wood Drive

Driver impacts

In residential areas construction will take place generally between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. This is being done to avoid work during peak travel times.

In commercial areas, work will be done overnight to reduce driver impacts, between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Drivers are asked to be extra cautious.

Despite this schedule, there will be delays for drivers because the work will mean lane restrictions and some locations may have temporary closures. Crews will work up to seven days a week to expedite the construction.

Help for drivers

ACHD is providing detailed construction information on its Web site so drivers can make their commute easier.  ACHD’s Road Work in the Area service is online and updated daily.  It includes a quick reference map showing where work is occurring.  ACHD traffic cameras are online and allow drivers to view traffic conditions before they head out.  Maps showing overlay locations are also available.

ACHD manages all of the local roads of Ada County.  The Interstate and state roads such as the highway portion of Eagle Road (SH 55) and Chinden (SH 20-26) are managed by the Idaho Transportation Department.

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