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Monday, November 22, 2010
Hill Road Water Main Work to Pause, Finish in Early 2011

The second phase of the United Water Idaho project will begin again in late February or early March, completing the last section from 21st Street to 36th Street. The work began in August and has been moving west during the summer and fall, periodically closing sections of the road.
Recognizing the onset of winter weather and the impact of traffic disruptions on Hill Road going into the holidays and ski season, the Ada County Highway District and United Water decided to halt work for the year. The current portion of the work has ended just west of the 20th Street intersection on Hill. 

The new main will enhance water pressure and service for customers along Hill Road and the Boise Foothills. The entire job, which is being built by Owyhee Construction, will install 8,700 feet of 24-inch water main from Harrison Boulevard to 36th Street.

Hill Road is a major east-west route, carrying 9,852 vehicles a day just west of Bogus Basin Road/Harrison intersection.

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