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Friday, January 21, 2011
Crews work to reopen Eagle Road between Overland and Victory in time for rush hour

Meridian – Eagle Road between Overland and Victory is expected reopen to traffic this evening (Jan. 21) and crews are working hard to make it happen in time for rush hour. One lane of traffic will run in each direction on a portion of the new bridge over the Ridenbaugh Canal. Crews were able to expedite progress on the bridge section, which was almost complete, and have worked the past few days to build a temporary road surface on both sides of the new bridge, to install guard rails and to paint lane striping on the road. The temporary bridge being used during construction had to be removed earlier this week when water threatened to overwhelm the Ridenbaugh Canal.

With the road reopened, crews will begin constructing the east side of the bridge. Completion of the bridge and road widening project is still on schedule with the bridge to be finished in March and the overall project in May. Once complete, Eagle Road from Victory Road to the Ridenbaugh Canal will be five-lanes wide with two lanes of traffic in each direction and turn lanes. The project also includes sidewalk, bike lanes and traffic signals at the intersections of Eagle/Victory and Eagle/Easy Jet. Construction began in May 2010.


As part of the road and bridge widening project, a temporary bridge was in place over the Ridenbaugh Canal while the permanent bridge was under construction. To avoid flooding on Monday (1/17), crews removed the temporary bridge to allow water to flow freely through the canal. The temporary bridge included a series of pipes running through it to accommodate volumes of water runoff typical for this time of season; however the volume of water entering the canal on Monday was unusually high due to recent rainfall and snow melt.

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