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Monday, April 25, 2011
Two new traffic signals soon to be up and running in southeast Boise

Boise- Drivers on Gowen Road will notice two new traffic signals in operation this week at the intersections of Gowen Road and Farman Street and Gowen Road and Pleasant Valley Road. The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) anticipates turning on the signals Tuesday, April 26 after the morning rush hour. The signals were constructed to reduce congestion and improve safety on Gowen Road where 12,200 vehicles travel each day.

The project constructed two new traffic signals at intersections previously controlled by stop signs on Farman and Pleasant Valley, which often meant long delays for vehicles turning onto Gowen Road. The project also included widening portions of Gowen and Pleasant Valley so that new turn lanes could be added and existing turn lanes lengthened near the intersections. The bridge over Five Mile Creek was also widened with the project.

The new traffic signals are coordinated with one another and will favor traffic on Gowen. Vehicles approaching the intersections from Farman and Pleasant Valley will trigger the signals and drivers should notice shorter wait times and improved traffic flow.

Construction of the $170,000 intersection project began in January.


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