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Thursday, April 28, 2011
ACHD Spreads dollars, projects consistently across Ada County

Garden City – The Ada County Highway District distributes road improvements in nearly equal measure to the dollars it receives, a new financial review released Thursday shows.

The just-completed analysis tracks the revenue collections and spending by local government boundaries from 2001 through 2010 and is based on ACHD’s annual – and audited – spending reports filed with the State of Idaho. The report encompasses $652 million in spending.

“This shows that the amount of dollars coming into ACHD is equal to the projects going back out to the cities and Ada County,” said Rebecca Arnold, ACHD president. “Citizens are getting a good value, and the cities within Ada County are getting a fair split.”

Arnold noted that voters established ACHD as a regional entity to oversee the transportation needs of the entire county. As such, the District has not put much stock in tracking revenues and expenses on a city-by-city basis because all taxpayers are part of the single, countywide system, she said.

ACHD did the analysis to satisfy the largely academic question posed by some of the cities, Arnold said.

“While the numbers can vary from year to year, the long-term trend is each jurisdiction gets back roughly what is put in,” she said.

The amount of revenue collected from Boise City and the amount of transportation improvements constructed and maintenance conducted over the years demonstrates the point:

• From 2001 through 2010, residents of Boise contributed 45.5 percent of ACHD’s revenues and received 43.4 percent of the District’s expenditures in projects and maintenance ($283 million).

• From 2006 through 2010, Boise residents contributed 44.7 percent of the revenues and received 47.4 percent of the total spending ($171.6 million).

• In 2010, Boise contributed 48.2 percent of the revenue and 40.5 percent of the spending ($26.7 million).

The bottom line, Arnold said, is that the numbers should swing as the dollars and projects flow to the areas within the county with the greatest needs. In 2008 and 2009, ACHD completed the East ParkCenter Bridge, a $21 million project long desired in southeast Boise. Over the next three years, more projects will be built in Eagle and Meridian, addressing long-standing needs in those communities, she said. In years to come, Eagle, Star and Garden City will receive a higher number of improvements, she said.

Media Availability: President Arnold, Commissioner Carol McKee and John Franden, ACHD Director Bruce Wong and ACHD Treasurer Michael Brokaw will be available to discuss the analysis on Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon at ACHD Headquarters, 3775 Adams St., Garden City. Please contact Craig Quintana at 387-6107 or at if you have any questions.

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