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Friday, June 03, 2011
Several ACHD projects gear up for spring and summer months

As spring months give way to warmer drier weather, the Ada County Highway District takes its cue to kick road construction projects and maintenance work into high gear. Several projects will begin in early June, including resurfacing work on the Capitol Boulevard Bridge, annual chipsealing, and intersection rebuilding projects like the re-alignment of the State Highway 44, State Street and Ballantyne Lane intersection and the widening of the Chinden and Linder intersection.

Capitol Boulevard Bridge Resurfacing Work
June 5 through mid-June
Estimated Cost: $82,000

Crews will remove a layer of the existing bridge surface, which is worn off in many areas. Once the existing surface is removed, a special chipseal process will be applied to the bridge, creating a sealed, consistent surface that will prolong the bridge deck’s lifespan by protecting it from vehicle use and weather.

Two lanes of traffic will remain open on the four-lane, one-way bridge. Crews will work on half of the bridge at a time to keep traffic moving, however motorists should expect lane restrictions, flagging, slow speeds and possible congestion. Work is planned for daytime hours.

This project will only involve maintenance work on the Capitol Bridge deck surface. Structurally, the 80-year-old bridge remains in good condition. The new surface is expected to last 10 to 15 years.

June through late August or early September

This chipseal season ACHD crews will resurface approximately 220 miles of road in the areas of west Boise, east Meridian and in areas of Boise between Fairview and Victory, and Orchard and Cole. Chipsealing is a cost-effective way of combating the deterioration of roads caused by sun and weather. The process helps seal the road surface, providing an armor coat for skid and weather resistance. Every nine years a road receives a chipseal.
One crew will start south of Interstate 84, beginning at Orchard and heading toward Cole. Another crew will begin on Producer Drive in Meridian and work west.

Chipsealing schedules can be affected by weather. To view weekly updated schedules, visit or call 345-7880.

State Highway 44, State Street, Ballantyne Lane Intersection Project
June through September
Estimated Cost: $860,000

A project to re-locate and signalize the intersection of State Highway 44, State Street and Ballantyne Lane in Eagle will increase safety by removing an intersection currently located on a curve. The intersection will be relocated just west of the current intersection, along a straighter section of State Highway 44. While impacts to traffic should be minimal, lane restrictions on State Street and Ballantyne Lane may be in place during the project.

Other Projects

Several other road projects will begin soon, including construction to widen the Chinden and Linder intersection, which is set to start in early June. More than $5 million in asphalt overlays are planned for Kuna, Boise and Meridian and various pedestrian improvement projects will also get underway.

To learn about other ACHD projects planned for this summer, visit


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