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Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Planned Structure Burns to Occur This Week in Boise

Boise- Two planned burns of Ada County Highway District (ACHD)-owned structures are scheduled to occur this week to help firefighters train. A structure located at 866 North Rose Street in north Boise will be burned tomorrow (September 21). On Friday (September 23), a structure at 4811 West Alamosa Street is planned for removal.

The Boise Fire Department will perform controlled burns of both structures and will be on-site until they are fully burned and fire is extinguished. If air quality conditions do not permit, the burns will be re-scheduled.

ACHD acquires properties only when mandatory for a road improvement project and does so under specific conditions. The ACHD-owned structure on Rose Street is being removed in preparation for the 30th Street Extension project between Fairview Avenue and State Street, planned for construction in fall 2012.

Surplus structures such as the Alamosa property are often removed when they are not cost-effective to repair and may pose a safety issue.


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