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Friday, November 18, 2011
ACHD Asks Residents to Not Rake Leaves into the Street

If raking leaves is on your weekend to-do list, the Ada County Highway District would like to ask for your cooperation— please don’t rake or blow your leaves into the street or alley.

It’s the time of year when leaves are falling fast and residents and ACHD crews alike are trying to keep up with Mother Nature. In the past month, ACHD crews have ramped up their sweeping forces, focusing on the tree lined streets of the North and East ends of Boise— two areas that prove to be most problematic with leaves clogging gutters and storm drains during the fall months.

ACHD collects leaves that naturally fall into the street and relies on the cooperation of Ada County residents to not blow or rake leaves from their yards into the street or alley. Sweeper trucks are not equipped to pick up large volumes of leaves and cannot pick up branches.

When residents add to the volume of leaves in the street, storm drains can easily become blocked which causes more significant problems when rain or snow falls. On-street parking in the East and North ends of Boise add to the challenge of keeping gutters and storm drains clear because sweeper trucks cannot make tight maneuvers in between parked cars.

Each year ACHD collects the swept leaves at a location in North Boise and hauls them to a site where they are recycled for free and used as mulch. Crews have already begun transferring the mounting pile.

ACHD encourages residents to participate in the free fall recycling programs offered in their community. Boise City’s Recycle the Fall curbside program runs through December 2. Ada County and Meridian programs end today (November 18), however the Ada County Landfill will accept leaves and grass for free from Ada County residents through mid-December.


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