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Thursday, March 15, 2012
Busiest intersections list released; Eagle Road and Fairview Avenue intersection holds the top position

   For the 6,300 motorists whose commute takes them through the Eagle Road and Fairview Avenue intersection during rush hour, perhaps it’s no surprise that it remains the busiest intersection in all of Ada County, holding its position on the Ada County Highway District’s (ACHD) Busiest Intersections List.

   ACHD counts traffic during the peak hour at intersections with high traffic volumes in Ada County and has released the top 12 intersections list every three years since 1993. The list is used for planning purposes, as well as for determining where adjustments to traffic signals may be needed.

   Despite maintaining its top spot, 400 fewer vehicles used the Eagle and Fairview intersection during rush hour compared to 2008, when the list was last released. "You can’t say for sure where the traffic went but you can see where improvements on parallel roadways could definitely have made the difference," said ACHD Traffic Services Manager, Terry Little.  

    Close behind number one is the Front Street and 9th Street intersection in Boise’s downtown. During rush hour, 6,220 vehicles negotiate their way through the intersection which holds its number two spot on the list—a seven percent increase in traffic volume from 2008.

   "One of the biggest jumps we saw on this year’s list was the Eagle and Ustick intersection, which moved from 18th to 7th with an increase of nine percent in traffic volume. This jump in ranking follows the rapid commercial development that has occurred adjacent to the intersection and the road improvements along Ustick Road," said Little.

   Another notable shift moved the Franklin Road and Milwaukee Street intersection to third place after ranking 11th in 2008. Volumes increased by seven percent at the intersection, which is a gateway to many retail and restaurant options and provides access to the Connector. 

   Eagle Road, which is under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), appears most frequently on the Top 12 List with five intersections. Front Street, which maintains two intersections on the list, also falls under ITD’s jurisdiction. 

   Click here to view the 2011 Busiest Intersections List.   

   Traffic counts for all roads within Ada County are maintained on ACHD’s web site,

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