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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
ACHD Commission Adopts 2013 Budget; No Tax Increase

Garden City – For the fourth year running, ACHD Commissioners passed a hold-the-line budget that avoids an increase in property tax collections but still allows for the operation and expansion of Ada County’s road network.

Commissioners unanimously approved the $89.2 million spending plan at the Wednesday, August 22, 2012 night meeting.

The budget bypasses the three percent property tax rate allowed by law, as well as the increase permitted for growth (newly improved properties) on the tax roll. As a result, the total amount of property tax proposed to be collected is $31.7 million – the same amount as the prior three years.

"I’m pleased to see that we have a budget that meets our needs and yet for the fourth year in a row keeps the property tax levy at the same amount," said Rebecca Arnold, ACHD president, at the hearing.
Property taxes represent the largest revenue source for ACHD ($37.1 million), followed by state gas taxes ($20 million), impact fees ($9 million) and vehicle registration fees ($8.8 million).

Some of the major projects moving ahead in the coming budget year include:

• Meridian Split Corridor, Phase 2: $6.1 million to begin the expansion and rerouting of Meridian Road and Main Street from Franklin Road to Cherry Lane. The two-year, $7.7 million construction project will finish in 2014.

• 30th Street Extension, from Fairview Avenue to State Street: $4.3 million to complete construction of a new road with four travel lanes, a roundabout, sidewalks and bike lanes alongside the Esther Simplot and Whitewater parks. The total project is estimated to cost nearly $9.2 million.

• Franklin Road, Ten Mile to Linder: $2.95 million to widen the road to five lanes with curb, gutter and sidewalk to relieve traffic congestion and to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

• State Highway 44 and Linder Road intersection: $2.36 million to wider the intersection to seven lanes on the Linder portions of the crossroad and to modify the signal to improve traffic flow in partnership with the Idaho Transportation Department, which is improving the east-west highway.

• Community Projects: $3.5 million to build 37 sidewalk, pathway, bike lane and other projects to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety across Ada County.

ACHD's fiscal year begins in October and runs through the end of September 2013.

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