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Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan Wins Excellence in Transportation Award

Kuna – A community planning effort developed by residents and business owners of Kuna, the Kuna City Council, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and Kittelson & Associates, was recognized for its Excellence in Transportation – an award given by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). The project team was recognized on Tuesday (April 2) at an awards banquet.

The Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan won in the Transportation Planning category, which considers land use integration, partnerships and collaboration, public involvement, and technology applications. The Plan will guide near-, mid- and long-term traffic, bike and pedestrian-related improvements for downtown Kuna and vicinity.

"The Kuna Corridor plan is a community-involved plan full of projects that will improve the City of Kuna the quality of life of her citizens. We are fortunate that the community was so closely involved in developing the plan -- the Excellence in Transportation Award and the State-wide recognition of the plan is something that each Kuna citizen should be proud of," said Mitchell Jaurena, ACHD Commissioner for Sub-district Four, which encompasses Kuna.

Throughout 2012, the Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan was created by the partnering agencies, engineering firm, general public and a project advisory committee which included business representatives, school officials, city council members, and a police department member, among other community representatives and members of the general public.

"In the eight years I’ve been with city council, I haven’t seen that kind of involvement with the taxpayers. I am very happy that we have leadership at ACHD that seeks more input for the cities and for the taxpayers. I think they did a great job. I think the input people gave to ACHD and the involvement was very intense. I was very pleased with the involvement," said Kuna City Council President, Richard Cardoza.

During development of the Plan, residents and businesses worked closely with ACHD and Kittelson & Associates staff members to identify deficiencies in the transportation system and recommend where to construct new sidewalk, make intersection or roadway improvements and install bike lanes. The public also provided input on what they believe the improvements should look like.

"It set us on a path where we’ve never been before with a basic adopted plan that we can do pieces of, and I think serves Kuna very well for future growth and management," said Kuna Mayor Greg Nelson. "This plan seems to have satisfied the community. They were listened to and there were adjustments made. This sets a pattern for how we should be doing these things in the future."

The Excellence in Transportation Awards are sponsored annually by the Idaho Transportation Department to recognize outstanding initiatives in developing, planning, and implementing transportation projects throughout Idaho.

Earlier this year, the Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan was selected by the Transportation Research Board to be on display at its annual conference, held in Washington D.C.

About the Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan

The Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan identified projects and priorities for intersections; pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities; and truck routes along the Avalon Street/Main Street/Bridge Street corridor, between School Avenue and Kay Avenue in Kuna. It also identified a phasing plan of when the projects will be constructed.

The Plan was formally adopted by the Kuna City Council and ACHD Commission in October 2012. For more information on the Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan, visit and select "View all Projects and Studies."


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