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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
ACHD Commission rejects Mayor Bieter's 'Restaurant' claim

Garden City – ACHD Commissioners expressed mystification Wednesday to a charge leveled by Mayor David Bieter in his State of the City address that District impact fees drove off a restaurant seeking to locate in east Boise.

The mayor’s inaccurate anecdote appeared tied to a request for information a member of his staff made last week about a businessman’s interest in an old retail building on Warm Springs Avenue. ACHD has no record of a formal development proposal or recollection of an informal inquiry to put a restaurant on the property.

Bieter said the restaurant died when a $125,000 impact fee was quoted to the would-be developer. As mentioned above, no inquiry about a restaurant was made.

Moreover, because the property was once a retail site, any restaurant would pay the difference between the fee charged to a store and the fee charged to a restaurant, which creates more vehicle trips on the road system.

That amount is estimated to be $54,135.

Impact fees are charged on traffic-generating development to pay for the new and improved roads needed to serve growth.

The mayor’s misstatement appears to reflect a basic misunderstanding about impact fees.

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