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Friday, December 20, 2013
ACHD Winter Street Service Crews prepare roads, bridges and intersection in advance of Friday's storm

Garden City – Ada County Highway District maintenance crews applied deicing treatments to major roads, intersections, bridges and other priority areas Friday to ease any impacts from the storm forecast to hit this evening.

Pretreating in advance of the storm prevents ice from bonding to the pavement, creating slippery conditions, said Jim Buffington, ACHD’s maintenance manager. If the snow is unusually heavy, ACHD will use sand and salt to maintain traction and can bring out the snow plows as needed, Buffington said.

Because it was cold and dry leading into the storm, ACHD crews worked throughout the day on priority areas and known trouble spots, such as intersections leading into the Foothills, bridges and roadway ramps. The deicer will remain in place on the road surface, activating at the first touch of snow.
ACHD has a 50-vehicle fleet dedicated to winter maintenance, including trucks outfitted for deicing, sanding, salting and plowing.

ACHD services more than 2,260 miles of local streets in Ada County. State highways including Eagle Road (Idaho 55), Chinden Boulevard (US 20/26) as well as the freeway (Interstate 84) and the Boise Connector (I-184) are managed by the Idaho Transportation Department.

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