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Wednesday, January 08, 2014
ACHD crews out early today clearing roads

Plows and trucks spreading deicer and sand have been workingsince midnight to clear the way for this morning’s commute.

Crewspretreated major routes with anti-icer before snow began to fall, and have beenresponding to priority areas – bridges, intersections, hills and near schools –where falling snow has created slippery conditions for motorists.

"We've got all of our plows out, and the (road) graders," said Clint Heckenlively, an ACHD on-call supervisor. "It's still snowing and we're at 28 degrees. We want to make sure what's open stays open. The way it's snowing, it's going to drop another inch."

Parts of Ada County have receivedbetween three and five inches of snow overnight with the biggest accumulationsoccurring in the Boise Foothills, and in Eagle and Star.

Sand and salt are being used aroundintersections, on bridges and overpasses and on hills to provide extra tractionfor the commute. ACHD deployedsome 50 pieces of equipment, mostly trucks equipped to spray deicer, spreadsand – or do both. The plowing is occurring outside of the urban areas, whereplowed snow can block driveways and storm drains, creating potential floodingconditions for the expected melt later today.

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