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Friday, July 11, 2014
Lane restrictions and road closures in Meridian over the weekend

Lane restrictions and road closures in Meridian over the weekend

Meridian – This coming Saturday (July 12), Meridian will host the 2014 Main Street Cruise and the Jeff Russell Benefit Race at Meridian Speedway. Multiple lane restrictions and road closures will be necessary to accommodate the events.

The following Meridian roads will be affected:

• Main Street from Central Drive to where it merges into Meridian Road at King Street will have only one open northbound lane.
• Main Street will be completely closed between King Street and Fairview Avenue.
• Franklin Road will be closed between N.E. 3rd Street and Meridian Road. East/west traffic will not have access through the Franklin Road/Main Street intersection.
• All side streets intersecting with Main Street between Fairview Avenue and Franklin Road will be closed.
• Westbound Watertower Street will be closed between Stratford Drive and Main Street.
• Meridian Speedway racers and spectators are being asked to access the track using Locust Grove Road west on Franklin Road to Storey Park.

The 2014 Main Street Cruise is expected to draw 5,000 spectators and the 2014 Jeff Russell Benefit Race is expected to draw 3000 spectators. Motorists not attending these two events are encouraged to avoid downtown Meridian between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m., if possible. Eagle Road, Fairview Avenue, Overland Road, and Ten Mile Road can all be used to bypass Meridian.

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