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Friday, August 22, 2014
A reduction in the number of lanes as 27th Street becomes a two-lane road

A reduction in the number of lanes as27th Street becomes a two-lane road

Boise – Beginning Monday(August 25th), 27th Street will be permanently reducedfrom two lanes in each direction, to just one lane in each direction. The roadwill be restriped to include two lanes of traffic and bicycle lanes. The centerturn lane will be retained, and parking will be allowed on the west side of thestreet between Bannock Street and Stewart Avenue. Medians will be installed atBannock Street and Stewart Avenue. Pedestrian improvements will also be added,including new signalized pedestrian crossings at Stewart Avenue, PleasantonAvenue, and Bannock Street. 

As two lanes are being permanentlyremoved, only one lane each direction will be available for traffic. Motoristsare encouraged to avoid this portion of Main Street altogether whileconstruction is underway. Access to local businesses will be allowed. Significantdelays are expected, and the highway district recommends drivers use thealternate route of the newly constructed Whitewater Park Boulevard as analternative. 

The project is part of the 30thStreet Area Master Plan which calls for 27th Street to become aneighborhood commercial district. The completion of Whitewater Park Boulevardwill reduce commuter traffic on 27th Street. With lower trafficvolumes the 27th Street area will become a more pedestrian-friendly,residential and mixed commercial district. Once complete, the project willimprove safety and accessibility for both residents and businesses. The projectis expected to be complete by the end of October.

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