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Friday, October 31, 2014
Fallen leaves can spell trouble for storm drains

Boise – This fall, as trees begin to shed their leaves, ACHD crews are out sweeping the streets in an effort to prevent leaves and debris from plugging storm drains and gutters. While ACHD is collecting leaves that have fallen naturally into the streets, the district is asking residents to avoid raking or blowing leaves out of their yards and into the streets or alleys.

Historically, the heavy foliage in the north and east ends of Boise have created the most problems in the fall with clogged gutters and storm drains. Blocked storm drains can contribute to flooding when we experience heavy rain and snowfall in the winter months.
"It’s important for residents to do their part in keeping leaves and debris from ending up in the gutter and storm drains," said Scott Frisbie, ACHD Superintendent of Maintenance. "We have our crews out trying to take care of the leaves that fall into the street on their own. But if people can bag the leaves in their yard, there are several agencies that will take care of those leaves."
The Ada County Landfill is accepting leaves for free until December 12. Leaves can be dropped off at the landfill loose or bagged in paper bags. Plastic bags will not be accepted; however, people can bring bags of leaves in plastic bags and dump them out at the landfill.

Also, several communities participate in free fall leaf recycling programs that offer curbside pickup for leaves bagged in paper bags. The leaves are taken to a recycling center where they are turned into mulch. Residents can check with their local city governments for dates and details.

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