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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Capitol Boulevard gets a new bike lane

Capitol Boulevard gets a new bike lane

Boise – Capitol Boulevard got a fresh coat of asphalt this fall, and the Ada County Highway District this week completed a new bike lane on the road. From Front Street to Jefferson Street, the bike lane has a double white line to provide a "buffer" between bicyclists and motorists.

The bike lane was added by shrinking the widths of existing lanes on Capitol Boulevard, so no reduction in vehicle volume occurred.

About halfway between Grove Street and Main Street, the bike lane becomes a "sharrow"; a lane shared by both motorists and bicyclists. Vehicles making a right turn on Main Street merge from the through lane to the turn lane, while the bike lane transitions to the sharrow and bicyclists stay to the left inside of that lane. Cyclists have the option of going straight or making a right turn on Main Street.
To delineate the shared space, white dashes and the symbol of a bicycle followed by two arrows indicates that motorists and bicycles will be sharing the lane. (Please see the attached diagram of the new traffic pattern.)

Motorists and bicyclists alike are advised to use caution as both become accustomed to the new traffic pattern. Drive slowly, be courteous, and be alert to the presence of one another.
This spring, green bike boxes will also be added in four locations along Capitol Boulevard:  Capitol at Myrtle, Capitol at Idaho, Capitol at Bannock, and on Capitol at River. The bike boxes warn motorists of the presence of bicyclists and reduce conflict points between bikes and vehicles, making turns safer for riders.

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