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Friday, January 09, 2015
Warm Springs Avenue to remain closed until loose rocks are removed

Boise – The boulder that fell from the Warm Springs Mesa and landed in the middle of Warm Springs Avenue on Wednesday was safely pushed off the road that morning. However, a handful of additional rocks above the road in this same location need to be taken care of before reopening the road, per geotechnical engineers hired by ACHD.

"I wish I could tell you with certainty that Warm Springs will be open by the end of next week," said Bruce Mills, Deputy Director of Engineering at the Ada County Highway District. "That is our goal, but until those rocks are removed and our experts tell us the slope is stable, we simply cannot risk the safety of motorists by allowing them to drive through there."

Today, a contractor was selected to remove the rocks, and representatives from the Highway District will meet with them on Monday. A plan and time frame for the removal of the rocks will be put together at that time. 

While the Highway District understands that this closure poses an inconvenience to those that frequently use Warm Springs Avenue, safety continues to be the priority.

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