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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
More rocks removed; Warm Springs Avenue to receive new jersey rails

Boise – ACHD crews are installing concrete jersey rails along 1,200 feet of Warm Springs Mesa, following Monday’s work by a contractor to dislodge several boulders that posed a hazard. Warm Springs Boulevard will remain closed for the next several days as crews place the barriers, which will provide an extra measure of protection against the smaller rocks that regularly fall.

A 50-ton boulder fell onto the road on January 7, prompting the closure during which the Ada County Highway District has been working with local experts to evaluate the Mesa’s stability.

Crews are hoping to have the road reopened to traffic by the first part of next week.

Once the installation of the jersey barriers is complete and the road is reopened, crews will resume their nightly patrols of the roadway along the Warm Springs Mesa to be on the lookout for fallen rocks. 

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