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Friday, January 30, 2015
The Ada County Highway District releases annual revenue and spending report

  Garden City – The fifth annual ACHD revenue and expense report is being released this week, detailing nearly one billion dollars spent in each city and Ada County since 2001.

The report illustrates equitable distribution of services and projects received by local government. For example, Boise residents received $41 million in projects and services in 2014, while the city as a whole contributed $34 million in property taxes, gas taxes, development impact fees and other revenue to the Ada County Highway District.

Similarly, Meridian residents and businesses contributed a total of $17 million in revenue to the District and received $16 million back.

"This annual analysis illustrates how closely linked the jurisdictions within Ada County are and how transportation investment is the thread that ties us together. This analysis reinforces how vital it is for ACHD, the cities in Ada County, the county commission and the state of Idaho to all work together to provide the best transportation system possible for all residents,"said ACHD Commission President Jim Hansen.

High-growth areas can be seen by the amount of impact fees generated in each jurisdiction. Development impact fees are paid through building permits as new homes, stores, and industrial buildings are completed. Meridian produced the most impact fees in the county, generating more than $4 million – or 33 percent of the total collected.

In fiscal 2014, ACHD received more than $84 million dollars, and a little more than $83 million was spent on projects and services throughout the county, tapping funds retained from the prior year.
Looking forward to the next several years, ACHD anticipates spending slightly more money in the Boise and Meridian areas, where growth continues to be the strongest.

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