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Friday, November 13, 2015
ACHD asks for the community’s cooperation when discarding of fallen leaves

Ada County – Fall has arrived, and with it the task of raking up and discarding of fallen leaves. The Ada County Highway District urges citizens to refrain from raking or blowing leaves and debris into the streets or alleys, possibly clogging storm drains. 

Historically, the heavy foliage in the North and East Ends of Boise create the most challenge this time of year with clogged gutters and storm drains. Blocked drains flood when we experience heavy rain and snowfall.

"ACHD crews will be out sweeping and removing leaves from the gutters and storm drains before winter weather arrives," said Brenda Morris, ACHD Superintendent of Maintenance. "We appreciate the public’s cooperation in helping us to keep storm drains and other drainage systems clear by bagging the leaves in their yard instead of discarding of them in the streets."

Several local agencies also offer programs to help people get rid of their bags of leaves. The Ada County Landfill is offering free leaf recycling from Oct.17-Dec. 12. Leaves contained in paper bags may be dropped off at the landfill. Leaves also may be transported in plastic bags, and then dumped out at the landfill. 

Several local agencies participate in free fall leaf recycling programs that offer curbside pickup for leaves bagged in paper bags. Residents can check with their local city governments for dates and details.

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