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Wednesday, January 06, 2016
Goldthorpe chosen to lead ACHD Commission

Garden City – Kent Goldthorpe will be the president of the Ada County Highway District for 2016, appointed by a vote of the ACHD Commission on Wednesday.

"I’m just gratified for the opportunity to serve," said Goldthorpe, who took office a year ago.
The president is chosen annually by the commissioners to lead the District and to set the commission meeting agenda, among other duties.
In addition to choosing the president, commissioners on Wednesday also named Paul Woods as vice president. Woods will serve as president in the case of Goldthorpe’s absence.

ACHD is the only countywide highway district in Idaho, established in 1971 as an independent government entity by a vote of the people. ACHD covers the entire county, including the six cities within it, and is responsible for the maintenance and improvements to Ada County's local roads and bridges.

The District is responsible for more than 2,265 miles of roads, bridges and intersections with an estimated value of $3 billion.

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