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Tuesday, November 01, 2016
ACHD requests community cooperation when discarding of leaves this fall

Ada County – Fall is upon us, and as all of those beautiful leaves fall from the trees, also comes the responsibility of discarding of them. 

ACHD urges residents of the community to refrain from raking or blowing leaves into the gutters and storm drains. As colder weather approaches and we start to experience more rainfall and snow melt, clogged storm drains can create flooding in the streets.

"Keeping the storm drains clear is a collaborative effort between ACHD and the residents of the county," said Scott Frisbie, ACHD maintenance superintendent. "We dispatch our sweeping units to clear the streets of fallen leaves and debris, but people can help by removing the leaves and debris from a clogged storm drain when they see one."

With tens of thousands of inlets to maintain, ACHD does its best to keep storm drains clear. However, any help the public can offer is appreciated, and only takes a moment. Citizens removing leaves and debris from a clogged storm drain should use a rake and gently remove the leaves from the grate, pulling the leaves away from the grate toward the street. For safety reasons, it is advised that people not attempt to remove the grates. 

In general, leaves should be collected and placed into paper leaf bags (available at most stores). The Ada County Landfill offers free leaf recycling between until December 24. Leaves contained in paper bags may be dropped off at the landfill. Leaves contained in plastic bags may also be taken to the landfill, but the bag must be emptied there.

Several local city agencies also participate in fall leaf recycling programs, and offer free curb side pick-up for leaves collected in paper bags. Residents can check with their local city government for more details on what is available.

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