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Friday, December 09, 2016
ACHD Commission amends ordinance to expedite approval of final plats

Garden City – Starting today, final plats for developments will move faster through the review process thanks to a red-tape reducing move by the ACHD Commission.

In November, The Ada County Highway District Commissioners voted unanimously to give their proxy for approval of final plats to the ACHD Director and the Commission President, who can act outside of regular Commission meetings. The process formerly involved all five of the ACHD Commissioners reviewing and approving the final plat before it could go on to city and county reviews. Since the full ACHD Commission generally meets once a week, this change could save developers up to a month.

Plats memorialize the features of a development, including the size, width and locations of roads and sidewalks, buildings, common areas and other features. Acceptance of a final plat confirms that the development has occurred as preliminarily approved. 

"ACHD is one of the first agencies in the application process to sign off on final plats," said ACHD Commission President Kent Goldthorpe, "but we’re just one of a few reviewing agencies. If this saves developers time in the process, we’d like to help facilitate that."

Prior to approval of a final plat, ACHD must determine that the developer has fulfilled all of the required conditions of approval and completed the street improvements to District standards. 

The November 9 decision goes into effect today (December 9).

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