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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD. 

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Road Wizard Archive - 2004

Date              Topics

December 26  Tattle Tales (red-light indicators) and road ruts on Vista Avenue at Kootenai

December 19  Enterprise Street rail crossing, signal change at Glenwood and Marigold

December 12  Traffic flow on westbound State Street/eastbound Fairview, extending Glenwood

December 5  The protest that led to a road, or at least a road name

November 28  Signal at 5th and Jefferson, Myrtle's speed limit, more on special events

November 21  Street closures and procedures for events, Capitol Boulevard's plants

November 14  New "Yield" lines, the saga of Overland Road and the SilverStone project

November 7   Turning from State to 8th streets, the proper lane from Myrtle to Park

October 31   Free-running rights (sort of) and other signal functions, red balls and arrows

October 24   Backups at Eagle Road/Interstate 84, signal detection at Main/Warm Springs

October 17   The fate of Floating Feather Road in Eagle, use of the center turn lane

                          ...and the referenced February 18, 2001 column

October 10   Boise Research Center bike lanes, Eagle Road ped crossings, older columns

October 3   South Cole Road billboard in right-of-way, pedestrians and drivers at courthouse

September 26   Stealth street addresses, the Glenwood/Marigold signal saga, lagging left turns

September 19   Left-turns from Warm Springs to Broadway/the right to be in the left lane

September 12   Why no green arrow at 13th/Myrtle, signal timing at Cloverdale/Ustick

September 5   Wye Interchange landscaping, WALK/DON'T WALK signals on Eagle Road

August 29   'Do Not Enter' signs, Harrison signal, rights at Amity and Federal Way

August 22   Five Mile Road's name, cattails and the future of Overland/Cloverdale

August 15   Cole Road construction, detection loops, exiting Costco

August 8   Stealth speed control, Bogus Basin Road and speeding

August 1   Yielding on southbound Glenwood from State Street, roadside littering

July 25  Drainage ponds and mosquitoes, road rubble and faint paint on Linder Road

July 18  Parking on 8th Street, South Cole Road/Costco signal, paving Dry Creek Road

July 11  More on seat belt law, sight issues at corners, the Curtis-Connector on-ramp

July 4  Idaho's seat belt law, Hill Road/Seaman's intersection, Adams rebuild

June 27  Ten Mile/Franklin signal plans, handling neighborhood traffic

June 20  Politics and speed limits on Warm Springs Avenue, Federal Way

June 13  Boise's parking meters, Victory Road work, downtown Boise signal timing

June 6   "A Wiz Classic" (rerun) because of a newspaper production problem

May 30   Bike "cage" near Barber Park, misuse of shoulders for right turns

May 23   Traffic cameras online, waits at Willow Lane/State Street, parking space sizes

May 16   Derivation of 'Deer Flat' Road, elevated pedestrian walkways

May 9   Intersection of 15th and Hays streets

May 2   Municipal speed/city limit signs, sidewalk sweeping, school zones

April 25   School speed zones ("when ... present"), Five Mile/Chinden green arrow

April 18   Right-only lanes at Emerald/Cole, roadside grass, Overland Road closure

April 11   Right turns on State Street (Home Depot) and on University Drive (Capitol)

April 4   Mile post markings, signals at Wright and Orchard/Vista, road paint

March 28   Better message board wording, right turns from Emerald to Cole

March 21   New signals on University Drive, left turns from Capitol onto Front

March 14   A tale of two signals: Glenwood and Marigold and Boise Avenue and Protest

March 7    Faint paint on the road and winter maintenance, 'doghouse' signal supply

February 29   'Cat tracks' at Overland/Cole, plea for a turn lane for McMillan onto Eagle

February 22   State Street signal timing, school zone warning flashers

February 15   Left-turn lane signage at intersections, legal use of center turn lane

February 8   T-intersections and stopping, constructions signs and middle lane etiquette

February 1   Fog and driving lights, minimum speed on the Interstate

January 25   An overview of protective-permissive signals, the hows and whys

January 18   "Encore presentation" (rerun) because of a newspaper production problem

January 11   School speed limits, student safety at Eagle and McMillan

January 4    The "right" lane at State/26th, right turns at ParkCenter and Beacon

                            ... and the December 29, 2002 column on LEDs