Road Wizard Archive List

The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD. 

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Road Wizard Archive - 2005

Date             Topics

December 25  Willows along I-84 near Cloverdale, markings on Ten Mile Road at Pine Avenue

December 18  Construction lights at 13th and Myrtle, Vista's freeway signal, uncovered loads

December 11  Bicycle crossing signs, lane markings on Eagle Road at Franklin

December 4  Edgewood Road speed bumps, Stratford Street fire signal on Franklin

November 27  Eagle Road at Victory Road -- stakes and construction timing

November 20  Deer crossings in the Barber Valley, bike lane debris and covering truck loads

November 13  Signal at Mountain View/Cole, bumpy manhole lids, changeable local speeds

November 6   Signal coordination along Chinden Boulevard, speed control on Roe Street

October 30   Re-run: Beacon Street resurfacing, Boise Avenue's "breadcrumb"

October 23   Beacon Street resurfacing, Boise Avenue's breadcrumb, road work and the fair

October 16   DeMeyer's conversion from a stub to thru street, signal for Locust Grove/McMillan

October 9   Signs for McMillan/Can-Ada intersection, washboard crossroads, school zones

October 2   Downtown signal timing, storm drains and sediment prevention

September 25   Roundabouts? Wave of the future? Seeing highway signs at night

September 18   Signal timing along State Street, signal function in the downtown Boise core

September 11   The growth of Ada County -- and traffic signals, new signal requests

September 4   Sound walls and Meridian traffic signals

August 28  Merging, rounding a roundabout and the speed limit on Chinden Boulevard

August 21  Timing of downtown Boise's signals, the workings of WALK/DON'T WALK signals

August 14  Shamrock Street speed, Northview/Curtis signal adjustment, shiny roadwork signs

August 7   Eastbound right turns at Fairview/Cloverdale, merging onto Eagle Road

July 31   State Street speed limit, loose gravel and chipsealing, Wye Interchange markers

July 24   Speed limits on Capitol and 9th streets; left turns from Mountain View Drive

July 17  False positives for signal controllers, proper procedure for negotiating stop bars

July 10  Freeway-style interchanges for Eagle Road? Fixing a mean valley gutter

July 3   Paint spill at State/Glenwood, State Street bike lane, sight obstructions

June 26   Bike path cleanups, pilot cars for wide loads, staying awake at the wheel

June 19   Bike path cleanups, pilot cars for wide loads, staying awake at the wheel

June 12   Broadway/Iowa and Sonic Drive-In, highly rutted intersections

June 5   Downtown signal timing, signals at fire stations, weeds and sidewalk obstruction

May 29   Cell phones and inattentive driving, timing for HP's Five Mile Road entrance

May 22  Case Study: Hill Road Parkway, factors in a speed limit change

May 15  Roundabouts? Wave of the future? Seeing highway signs at night

May 8  Signalization in downtown Boise, when to stop or yield on Hill Road Parkway

May 1   Merging and yielding, detector loops at Cloverdale and Fairview

April 24   Handling potential ponding, cycling techniques for busy intersections

April 17   Left turns from State to Gary Lane, use of Glenwood's shoulder, rail crossings

April 10   Merging, rounding a roundabout and the speed limit on Chinden Boulevard

April 3   Cole Road/McMullen Street signal, placement of detection loops and stop bars

March 27   Rut reduction on Meridian Road at Main/Central, signal timing plans

March 20   Speed study for Hill Road Parkway, signal function at Overland and Shoshone

March 13   Rut removal on Vista at Kootenai, detection issue at Maple Grove and Emerald

March 6   Why no jersey rails for Seamans Gulch, responding to yellow school flashers

February 27  Signal timing issues on Eagle Road -- past, present and future

February 20  Jersey rail at Locust Grove/Ustick, track marks across Broadway

February 13  Re-entering freeway at Curtis or Eagle, new guides for Broadway-to-Park

February 6   Upcoming study of Chinden Boulevard, the signal at Vista and Elder

January 30   Future of Seamans Gulch and Dry Creek roads, Cole Road signalization

January 23   Audible signals for the blind at intersections

January 16   Truck route signs on Curtis Road, right-only lane at Curtis/Franklin

January 9   Tattle Tale (new red-light enforcement indicator), ad hoc car lots

January 2   Color-coded emergency markers, signal at Overland and Roosevelt