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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

If you have a question for the Wiz, e-mail it to or mail it to the Road Wizard, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714. You may include photos of a particular situation, but photos cannot be returned.

Selected Year: 2015

March 29 - Can-Ada Road and Idaho Center Boulevard -- who is responsible for the rough part? Reader concerned about pollution exposure at red lights; Eagle and Lake Hazel intersection pavement repair

March 22 - "Residents Only" parking signs on Versailles Court near Baggley Park; spring weather means the Five Mile/Amity intersection gets permanent trench repair; vanishing crosswalk at Parkcenter Avenue and Apple Street repainted

March 15 - Some signals on Cherry Lane/Fairview Avenue east of Ten Mile Road favor eastbound morning commuters; droopy wire likely cause of Fairview/Cloverdale flashing yellow arrow confusion

March 08 - Wait times at major traffic signals seem too long for side streets at off-peak hours; odd signal behavior leads to confusion about flashing yellow arrows

March 01 - Crosswalk request at new Comba Park on Five Mile Road; "possible" vs. "practicable" when riding a bike; ACHD inspector moves roadwork sign in traffic lane on Coleen Drive

February 22 - Safe bicycling through the roundabout on Whitewater Park Boulevard and elsewhere; reader asks about red-light delays after moving from a signal-free place

February 15 - Reader wants 27th Street to return to four lanes; pipe work across Five Mile Road at Smoke Ranch Drive creates crevice, HAWK pedestrian signal at Irving Street and Maple Grove stops traffic without need

February 08 - Too low street signs on Five Mile Road between Franklin and Fairview; how ACHD came to be

February 01 - Fairview Avenue bike lane at 27th Street being used as a right-turn lane; narrow shoulder on Hill Road between Pierce Park and Gary Lane made tighter by landscaping

January 25 - Paint disappears from new left-turn lanes at Five Mile and Franklin roads; Five Mile Road misses out on chipseal near Lake Hazel; land survey markers along Cloverdale Road between Ustick and Fairview

January 18 - Tree-vs.-new stop sign concerns in Meridian; a chipseal is the most likely new surface to the 1700 block of Jefferson Street; speed study and speed humps requested for 27th Street in Boise

January 11 - Reader praises recent snow removal; requested signal at Lake Hazel and Meridian roads; electronic "noise" causes detection trouble at Bown Way and Boise Avenue

January 04 - Topics: Crosswalk location confusion at Parkcenter Avenue and Apple Street; future plans for the less than bike-friendly Gowen Road Bridge over the railroad tracks near the Boise Factory Outlet