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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

If you have a question for the Wiz, e-mail it to or mail it to the Road Wizard, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714. You may include photos of a particular situation, but photos cannot be returned.

Selected Year: 2009

December 27 - HAWK signal operation (again), Luke Street sight obstruction, northbound lanes at Locust Grove/Overland

December 20 - Cost of the Warm Springs "disconnect," public hearing sign on Healey Road, school flashing beacons near Ten Mile/Cherry Lane

December 13 - Overland Road's midday progression plan, obstructed street signs

November 29 - Lane configuration at Fairview/Milaukee, signalization potential at Floating Feather/Park

November 22 - Political signs in rights-of-way, status of ACHD property at Maple Grove/McMillan, signal on River Street near Bronco Elite driveways

November 15 - Curtis turns onto Ustick, Front Street signal progression

November 08 - Morning congestion around Eagle Middle School, Federal Way bike path sweeping, Bethel/Orchard sight obstructions

November 01 - Signal at Ustick and Mitchell, bike lanes and trash carts, signal at Overland and Silverstone

October 25 - People: no right-on-red at a red arrow, synchrony problem at Main and 27th

October 18 - Sight obstructions at Bethel and Orchard, Entertainment Street private driveway

October 11 - Interstate 84 overpass and citizen action, Warm Springs Avenue "disconnect," turning right on red from double right-turn lanes, corrected street arrows for Federal Way/Bergeson

October 04 - Roundabouts and pedestrian safety, Floating Feather chipseal, signal at McMillan/Ten Mile, Meridian Split Corridor (Phase II)

September 27 - School flashing beacon for Whitney (not) on Overland, signals on Hays at 5th and 6th streets, tree limbs at Edna near Bryson

September 20 - Right-only lanes, Walmart driveway on Overland Road

September 13 - Bicycle/car safety at Federal Way/Amity, chipseal on Federal Way

September 06 - Bicycles and the "rolling stop" at T-intersections, video detection at Floating Feather/Highway 55, rotomilling ruts

August 30 - Left turns from Cole Road onto Interstate 84 eastbound, directional signs on Glenwood at State Street

August 23 - Owyhee Street speed limit, 3rd Street: one- or two-way?, Ada County law on weed hazards

August 16 - Flashing yellow arrow update, intersection at Fort/5th/Hays, sign obstructions

August 09 - Road shoulder maintenance along south Cole Road, Idaho Rolling Stop for bicyclists

July 31 - Ustick Road pedestrian HAWK signal, Signs obstructed at Ustick/Five Mile, and Meridian/Washington Bike lanes on Orchard I-84 Overpass

July 26 - State Street pedestrian/bike projects Victory/Maple Grove (no) right-only lane

July 19 - Street-name sign obstructions, sidewalk obstruction near Indian Creek Golf Course

July 12 - Signal at ParkCenter Boulevard and Law Avenue, Ten Mile Road projects

July 05 - More bicycle rules, more on the proposed Warm Springs roundabout, Mill Station traffic counts

June 28 - Right turns on Cloverdale at Chinden, signal at Five Mile and lake Hazel, Locust Grove speed limits

June 21 - U-turns at State and Mercer, some rules of the road for cyclists

June 14 - Veterans Memorial Parkway left turns onto Chinden Boulevard, Ustick thru lanes at Maple Grove, the deal with a driveway off Mountain View Drive

June 07 - Ustick Road improvement schedule, Five Mile Road improvement time line, signal operation on Chinden at Hewlett-Packard's gate

May 31 - Sunrise Rim area chipseal and maintenance, Warm Springs roundabout, Eagle Road left turns at Pine Avenue, Locust Grove speed limits, Sawmill traffic counts

May 24 - Speed bumps: why on Sunnydale and not on Mesquite? Question about the five-way intersection of Fort, Hays, V.A. Medical Center and 5th Street

May 17 - Bing Avenue crosswalk and median; West Point Place and street name placement

May 10 - Americana Boulevard stench, signal at Overland Road/Millennium Way, McMillan road school zones for Lowell Scott and Pioneer

May 03 - Meridian Road offramp's YIELD sign, signal at Cloverdale/Explorer, merging and turning right on red

April 26 - Chinden Boulevard bike lane gap, manhole covers at Overland/Maple Grove, bad odor on Americana Boulevard

April 19 - Rain and road paint, painted lane and bike lines on Northview at Cole

April 12 - Flashing beacons at Taft school, signal at Entertainment and Dorian, U-turns revisited

April 05 - Trash pickup and street cleaning coordination, Franklin/Ten Mile intersection and the Ten Mile Interchange

March 29 - Puddle and storm drain filter at Maple Grove near Overland, speed bumps on Mountain View Drive near Erick Lane, (No) U-turns on ParkCenter at Apple: reasons

March 22 - Speed limits on Capitol Boulevard and 9th Street, Shaw Mountain Road and pedestrians, (no) U-turns at ParkCenter/Apple

March 15 - Signal at Pine and Main, exiting Chase and Allante onto Overland

March 08 - Vacating street in Dawson Meadows, merging onto Broadway and freeways

March 01 - Setting speed limits, Division Street sidewalk

February 22 - Signals at State Street/SH 55 and State/Horseshoe Bend Road; freeway merging when lanes end

February 15 - Signal operation at River and 9th streets, signal operation at Franklin and Ten Mile roads

February 08 - Speed sign on Warm Springs Avenue, dual left-turn lanes

February 01 - Right-only lane at ParkCenter/Apple, right-only turn pocket at Locust Grove/Overland

January 25 - Timing of the 30th Street Extension, freeway merging and arrogant drivers

January 18 - Flashing yellow left-turn arrows

January 11 - Signals on State Street at 23rd and 27th streets, McMillan signals at Linder, Merdian and Ten Mile, flashing yellow turn arrows coming soon.

January 04 - Left turn lanes at Eagle and Pine, signal at McMillan and Locust Grove, speed limit on Ten Mile between Chinden and Ustick