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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

If you have a question for the Wiz, e-mail it to or mail it to the Road Wizard, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714. You may include photos of a particular situation, but photos cannot be returned.

Selected Year: 2010

December 26 - Safety chains for trailers; standard speed limits; River/9th Street left turns

December 19 - Taming the State Street manholes, Overland road sidewalk ramps, schedule for Meridian Road/Main Street one-way streets

December 12 - Navigating the Taft/36th intersection, a tree on Ustick Road, a lingering plate on Meridian at Producers

December 05 - Speed study on Cole/Camas, Allys Way signal on Ustick Road

November 28 - Crossing solid white lines, Eagle Road commuting and upcoming signal timing projects

November 21 - Signal at Orchard and Victory, Cole/Glenwood couplet status, manholes on Ustick (west of Eagle Road)

November 14 - Allante Place/Overland Street paint, Plantation River Drive street paint, HAWK signal operation in school zones, Cole Road speed limite near Camas

November 07 - Eagle High crosswalk safety, State/Ellen's Ferry pedestrian improvements

October 31 - Smallish, one-way signs in Boise; signals at Cole/Overland and Cole/freeway onramp

October 24 - Catalpa Street speed limit, muddy ped button access at State/28th intersection

October 17 - No parking on Arnold Road, MK Nature Center's signs, Can Ada Road shoulder obstruction

October 10 - Resurfacing Vista/Overland intersection; resurfacing State Street from Pierce Park to Glenwood; and bumpy, yellow rectangles

October 03 - Signals at Sunrise Rim/Elder/Vista and Broadway/Linden, railroad crossing on Emerald near Curtis, Lena Avenue repaving

September 19 - Wrong-lane mixups at Glenwood and State, signal at Kootenai/Protest and Federal Way

September 12 - Manhole cover near Ustick/Turnberry, Glenwood/State red-light running, supposed sight-obstruction on Mesa Vista Drive

September 05 - Trail Wind School and Lake Forest speed bumps, bike path down Amity from Federal Way, Vista Avenue street name sign

August 29 - Signal at Franklin/Five Mile roads, Weeds at Black Cat and Pine, tarp laws

August 22 - Mounting video detection cameras, red-painted curbs, navigating the Fred Meyer driveways at Orchard/Frankling

August 15 - Paint shortage and Gowen Road, Ellen's Ferry/State Street pedestrian crossing

August 08 - Overlaying streets and the hows and whys of night work

August 01 - Overland Road chipseal gravel, sight obstruction at Clover Meadow and Fastwater

July 25 - Follow-up: Cherry Lane (Boise) speed study

July 18 - Statehouse construction barriers on State Street, results of the Irene Street speed study

July 11 - Missing stop sign on (private) Civic Lane in Eagle, signal function on Boise Avenue at Gekeler/Pennsylvania, HAWK signal on Maple Grove near Irving

July 04 - Signal detection at Overland/Maple Grove, Cherry Lane (Boise) traffic problems

June 27 - Formalizing fire signals, a new donut for Julia Davis Park

June 20 - More on use of the space next to the curb (but outside of the lane) for right turns, the Irene Street stop sign situation

June 13 - Overland/Cole signal coordination project, using curb space at 9th/State for right turns, over-ripe election signs

June 06 - Signal operation at Five Mile and Franklin roads, the law on stopping for school buses, entering Chinden from Fairview and Main ramps

May 30 - Bumpy manhole covers, pedestrian crosswalks and the STOP sign and tree at Avenue A and Myrtle Street

May 16 - Report potholes (the Fort/5th example), flaggers and citizens use permit at Eagle/Amity, permissive left turn at Federal Way/Yamhill

May 09 - Highland Street speed limit, signal at State Highway 44 and Eagle Road

May 02 - Proposed alternating street/stop signs in the East End, changing lanes at Main/Franklin in Meridian

April 25 - Thru lanes for Maple Grove across Fairview, driver responsibilities while lights flash at a HAWK signal, Harrell Street and red curbs

April 18 - Warm springs Avenue traffic changes, studded tires and road wear

April 11 - Manhole covers on Ustick Road between Five Mile and Cloverdale, future signal at Locust Grove/McMillan and the marking motorcycle detection spots

April 04 - Driveway markings behind Metro Express car wash, right-only lanes and the future of Franklin/Cloverdale

March 28 - Latah Street signal fix, left turns on Chinden at Five Mile, ParkCenter/Apple signal

March 21 - Signal detector marks for motorcyclists, speed limits on Division and Highland streets, future signal at Eagle and River Valley roads

March 14 - Green, right-turn arrow at Mountain View Drive/Glenwood, left-lane detection at Milwaukee/Fairview, use of Clearview font for signs

March 07 - Motorcycle detection in left turn lanes, obeying the red arrow at Mountain View Drive/Goddard

March 07 - Driveway marking behind Metro Express car wash, right-only lanes and the future of Franklin/Cloverdale

March 07 - Driveway markings behind Metro Express car wash, right-only lanes and the future of Franklin/Cloverdale

February 28 - Warm Springs Mesa and rock slides, new font for street-name signs

February 21 - Flashing yellow arrows and left turns, holiday signal timing plans

February 14 - Signal update for Overland/Eagle roads, no U-turns at ParkCenter/Apple, right turns at Chinden/Eagle, Meridian Road Overpass

February 07 - City limit speed notices for residential streets, Pine-Webb roundabout lighting

January 31 - Raising sunken sidewalks, River Street/Pioneer Walkway Signal, the World of Asphalt

January 24 - Northbound left turns at the Eagle/Overland signal, free-running right on-ramp from northbound on Eagle Road

January 17 - Emerald/Milwaukee signal detection issue, night vision and retroreflectivity, pedestian countdowns

January 10 - State Street signal progression at 15th and 16th streets, heartier road paint

January 03 - Pedestrian countdowns on downtown Boise signals, 2009 traffic signal list, signal progression on State Street.