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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

If you have a question for the Wiz, e-mail it to or mail it to the Road Wizard, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714. You may include photos of a particular situation, but photos cannot be returned.

Selected Year: 2011

December 25 - Can you make a legal left on a red light into a one-way street from a two-way street? What's with the long wait at the westbound left-turn at Boise and Broadway?

December 18 - Is that the city's biggest crosswalk on Avenue B at Bannock? Can a stop sign be changed at Cayuse Creek and Bergman to better protect kids?

December 11 - Any chance for a pedestrian crossing on Capitol Boulevard at the no-crossing zone at University Drive? Will flashing left-turn yellow arrows result in crashes?

December 04 - Left-turn woes on Ann Morrison Park Drive at Capitol Boulevard; Request for better bike lane cleanup in the spring; Street sign mischief at Cayuse Creek and Linder

November 27 - Do ambulances trigger green lights without running the siren and emergency lights? How long until the signal is back to normal? Why the extra-long, lowered speed zone on Linder north of Chinden?

November 20 - Why a mix of concrete and ashalt at Chinden/Linder? Trouble turning on State Street at 11th as you leave the YMCA. Update: flashing yellow left-turn arrow at Federal Way/Yamhill.

November 06 - Smashed pumpkin cleanup at Cayuse Creek and Valentino/Cagney; speed limit increase on San Luis south of Lake Hazel; yellow arrow update for University/Broadway and Federal Way/Yamhill

October 30 - ParkCenter and Bown lacking a snazzy pedestrian signal; tacky reflective sticks at McKinley/Washington, McKinley/State; too-close-for-comfort pole at Amity/Five Mile

October 23 - When is it legal to enter the center lane in advance of a left turn? Extra right-turn lane request for Broadway onto Front Street. Why new lane paint but now flashing yellow at Federal Way and Yamhill?

October 16 - Rare "yellow trap" at left turn on southbound Broadway at University; bumpy blacktop on Fairview Avenue near the Connector.

October 09 - Drivers winding up in the left-turn lane -- mistake or on purpose? -- at Fairview and Maple Grove; new street paint on Eagle Road, between Overland and Victory; bumps back on Lake Forest Drive

October 02 - How will the new pedestrian crossing on Capitol Boulevard at Broard Street impact traffic? Can a signal that allows left turns during breaks in oncoming traffic be installed at Fairview and Records?

September 25 - Request for more left-turn storage at Veterans/Chinden; status on the flashing-yellow left turn plan for Yamhill; and can I call you Conehead?

September 18 - Why a short left-hand turn at Broadway and Boise Avenue? Can Watertower and Stratford become an all-way stop? Who to contact when trees block signs?

September 11 - Is ACHD taking away two lanes on Orchard Street? Why are three projects on north/south routes happening simultaneously?

September 04 - Why no chipsealing of downtown Boise? Why the delay at Apple at ParkCenter? Signal issue at Cherry Street and Cherry Plaza.

August 28 - Route improvements for Lake Hazel Elementary students along Cloverdale; speed limit within the Maple Grove/Hackamore work zone, and construction speed zone limits in general

August 21 - Milwaukee's bulge at Fairview; a rare speed sign relocations due to trees; unclear, dual-lane onramp at Braodway and I-84

August 14 - Why ACHD chipseals new roads; right turn on red arrow confusion

August 07 - Why is the East ParkCenter Bridge less attractive than the West ParkCenter Bridge? And why the unnecessary left-turn greens at Cole/Overland?

July 31 - Long left-hand turn at Federal Way/Yamhill; lanes marked off at Ten Mile/Franklin

July 24 - Possible pavement fix for Bloom Street; speed limit on Ten Mile, south of Franklin, and directional signage for Victory near the interstate

July 17 - Idaho Botanical Garden concert traffic troubles, stop sign needed at Gourley and Dorian

July 10 - Columbia Village storm drains -- and drains all over; HAWK signal request on Warm Springs Avenue

July 03 - Defective concrete slabs at the Milwaukee/Franklin rail crossing, signal heads off-set at Victory/Orchard

June 26 - Better instructions now posted at the Ustick/Cole HAWK signal, request for fence check at Locust Grove and Pine

June 19 - Little capacity through turn lane at Chinden/Linder, tree blocking view at Ten Mile/Lamont

June 12 - Unruly weeds on Federal Way, missing speed bumps on Lake Forest Drive

June 05 - Smoother ride at Amity/Five Mile, skipped pedestrian cycle at Curtis and Northview, an extra long red light at Curtis/Ustick

May 29 - Triple right turn lane request, benches and railroad ties in median at Foothills East subdivision

May 22 - Early rush hour on Cole Road at Spectrum Street, fence blocking view on King Road

May 15 - Rough ride at Five Mile/Amity, missing speed limit signs near the airport

May 08 - Pedestrian buttons at Glenwood/Marigold, new HAWK signal sign coming to Ustick, near Cole

May 01 - Signal malfunction at State Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway, blocking of the intersection at Allante Place and Overland Road

April 24 - Top Ten Things Learned and farewell from Road Wizard 1.0

April 17 - Location of manholes in the street, signal function at Broadway/Linder, left turn from Federal Way to Yamhill

April 10 - Speed studies and setting speed limits

April 03 - Signal at Ten Mile/Franklin, Front Street progression and Avenue A

March 27 - Signal function at 13th and Connector offramp, Peppertree subdivision and Valley Street

March 20 - Burned-out street lights on Maple Grove, signals at Fairview/Cherry Lane at Main and Meridian roads.

March 13 - Signal at Fairview/Liberty, Chinden timing plan and Locust Grove

March 06 - Line paint on Deer Flat Road, signal at Chinden/Locust Grove, signal at Five Mile/Franklin

February 27 - Signal operation at Fort/Hays/5th, Downtown Boise grid and 9th Street

February 20 - Blue lights, signal at Fort/Hays/5th, signal update at Chinden/Five Mile

February 13 - Manholes on State Street, Signal at Maple Grove/Franklin, Tarp (covered load) legislation

February 06 - Marigold Street stop signs, signal timing at Eagle/Chinden, missing sign on Bloom Street

January 30 - Orchard/Interstate 84 Interchange, winter pavement patch on Victory Road

January 23 - Proper use of the center turn lane, missing dotted lane lines at Myrtle/Capitol, what's an "IC"?

January 16 - Backstory on the new countdown pedestrian signals, anatomy of school zone flashers

January 09 - Eagle Road construction at Ridenbaugh Canal, Federal Way bike path at Apple Street, school speed-zone indicators on Apple near Timberline

January 02 - Turning right on red from Capitol to University, Signal at Capitol and Myrtle