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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

If you have a question for the Wiz, e-mail it to or mail it to the Road Wizard, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714. You may include photos of a particular situation, but photos cannot be returned.

Selected Year: 2012

December 30 - Confusing lane markings at Locust Grove/Victory; request for Road Wizard RSS feed; favorite reader accomplishments in 2012

December 23 - When do I stop for a school bus? Early morning signal troubles and plans for flashing left-turn signals at Five Mile/Franklin; reader gets extra green time for left at Eagle/McMillan

December 16 - Disappearing street paint; faulty left-turn lane over-serving a single home at Chinden/Discovery Way; small rocks on Ustick Road near Curtis

December 09 - More green time requested at Fairview and Eagle; illegal sidewalk parking on 24th Street; odd Sunday backups on northbound Cole at Spectrum

December 02 - City limit sign policy; legality right-on-red turns from a dual turn; why the concrete around manholes isn't raised during chipsealing

November 25 - Wavy asphalt on 14th between Idaho and Bannock; off-ramp backups at I-184 and Curtis; who has the right-of-way at the Federal Way on-ramp at Broadway?

November 18 - Ten Mile Road school zone at Cherry Lane; Eagle Road signals between Highway 44 and Chinden; wide bike lanes at Fairview and 27th Street

November 11 - Where does ACHD draw the line on installing bike lanes? How speed limits are determined, specifically on Roosevelt and Americana; missing markings on Meridian Road and Overland and loose chips on Meridian/SH69

November 04 - Squares painted on Warm Springs Avenue explained; lane line paint mistake fixed on Americana/15th and River; bicycles verses cars -- who owns the road?

October 28 - Timing for improvements to Five Mile Road between Ustick and Fairview; lost thru-traffic arrow at Copper Point Drive and Eagle Road; intersection blocking at Century Way and Cole Road

October 21 - Wondering about the new road reflectors and snow plowing; requesting a school zone for Victory and Brandy's Jewel; turning left onto a red light at 2nd and Front

October 14 - Noisy manhole lid on West Avalon Street in Kuna; the rules for waiting on a left turn; what do do about backups at Broadway and Front?

October 07 - Possible flashing yellow arrow signal at Hill Road/Bogus Basin/Harrison Boulevard intersection; sinking manhole suggestion; sidewalk request for Emerald Street in Boise

September 30 - Missing right-turn lane at Hill Road and Idaho 55; two left-turn lanes become one at Maple Grove and Ustick; State Street and 27th lane paint

September 23 - Some residential roads skipped for chipsealing as part of maintenance experiment; trash talk about Interstate 84 between Broadway and Orchard

September 16 - Long red light on Fairview at 23rd Street; fire hydrant locating and parking concerns

September 09 - Working on road projects during wildfire smoke; trying for dibs on public parking; the new flashing yellow arrow signal at Overland and Five Mile

September 02 - Bike lane request for Emerald between Orchard and Americana; BSU parking permits on Belmont and Michigan; forgotten cameras removed from Emerald Street overpass

August 26 - Upside-down street sign on 13th near Shoreline; the missing Lake Hazel connection to Cole Road; leftover left-turn arrow at Watertower and Main; standing water near Highway 55 and Hill Road

August 19 - Ten Mile and Overland signal snafu; Locust Grove widening plans; idle trailer on Warm Springs Avenue

August 12 - "Hole" construction causing turning trouble; drivers not staying in the right, right-turn lane; traffic light request for Federal Way and Victory

August 05 - Allys Avenue connection to Keliner Park update; overgrown trees at 10th and Grove Street; signal seems out-of-sync at Vista and Elder; Boise reconsiders reduced landscape maintenance

July 29 - Would doing without pedestrian buttons at intersections where the walk signal turns on automatically be a good way to save money? Will Pine ever connect between Black Cat and Ten Mile? Weeds along Capitol Boulevard

July 22 - Crack sealing and motorcycle traction; posting advertisements on utility poles. Why traffic signals operate in workday mode on holidays?

July 15 - Missing sidewalk on Five Mile near Ustick; Bloom Street between Collister and State to get temporary fix; "no parking" request at Boise Avenue and Division, and bumps removed from westbound Fairview/Connector on-ramp.

July 08 - Vehicles entering turn lane for opposing traffic at Overland and Eagle; ACHD installs “candle island” on Overland between Allante and Chase; troublesome trench job on Hill Road

July 01 - Floating Feather traffic favored over Highway 55? New street markings for cyclists/drivers

June 24 - Safety concerns about left-hand turns into Axion gym off of Cole Road; morning backups on Chinden at Curtis/VMP; traffic detection issue at Federal Way/Amity

June 17 - Weather station spotted on Linder Road bridge; low manhole at 11th/Main; lane line suggestion for Ustick/Linder denied

June 10 - Rose HIll red light shortened at Vista; solution to confusion with fire signal at Allumbaugh and Franklin; request for a flashing yellow arrow signal at Gowen/Eisenman

June 03 - Long-forgotten (and unused) cameras on the Emerald Street Bridge over the Connector explained. Can drivers make a "right" turn on a red light from Federal Way onto Capitol? How to request and get speed bumps.

May 27 - Why was the subdivision signal at Red Horse and McMillan built before the one at congested Ustick/Ten Mile? Why the new delays at Fairview/Chinden?

May 20 - Unusual gridlock on Milwaukee at Franklin explained; railroad crossing on Milwaukee near Franklin redone; Overland and Locust Grove traffic detection buggy again, Mill Station Drive street sign changed to Council Spring Road

May 13 - Council Spring Road incorrectly signed as Mill Station Drive in Harris Ranch; fix for illegal center lane use on Overland at Allante

May 06 - Long wait for drivers as pedestrians use crosswalk at Beacon and ParkCenter as part of Greenbelt detour; reader requests safety study of freeway grooves

April 29 - Fire station signs blocking turning driver's view; left-turn signal woes at Gowen Field exit at Farman and Gowen Road

April 22 - More crossing time for pedestrians in Downtown Boise means traffic flow compromises on 5th Street; reader feedback on the “unthinking so-and-so” at Marigold and Glenwood.

April 15 - Right-turn-only lane request for Marigold onto Glenwood; detector issue at Overland and Locust Grove; Why the grooved parvement on Interstate 84?

April 08 - Thanks for more green time for the left off Fairview onto Maple Grove. When two facing left turns get green lights, can't the right turns also go? Funny swerve at Chinden and Linder.

April 01 - Why the long wait for pedestrian phase at River and Pioneer? Could a flashing yellow arrow left-turn signal be installed at Overland and Clear Creek?

March 25 - Short southbound Eagle Road left-turn signal; call for speed increase on Ten Mile Road between Overland and Pine

March 18 - Why does one car on Avenue A stop Front Street? Action taken on a long-wait left at Maple Grove on Fairview. Could a flashing yellow arrow turn come to Chinden at Fox Run?

March 11 - Sensors seeing shadows at Orchard/Victory; reader uncovers left-turn trouble at Fairview/Maple Grove; readers motivates new lane markings at Main/5th

March 04 - ACHD addresses back-ups on Interstate 84/Franklin Road ramp; reported pedestrian discrimination at Five Mile/Overland roads

February 26 - Sideswipe fears at 5th and Main in Boise; Boise City responds to potholes on Collins Road; long-left turn wait at Eagle/Fairview

February 19 - Why a roundabout at Eagle/Amity? Signal problem at Cloverdale/Franklin. Reader letter leads to improvement at Broadway/I-84 ramp.

February 12 - Why are bumpy manholes right in the wheel path? Why stop sign requests are complicated, especially on Cayuse Creek in the Paramount subdivision in Meridian.

February 05 - Why the long red light at side streets such as Fox Run at Chinden? 'Smarter signals' explained. Where was the Wizard?

January 22 - Busted vehicle detector at Five Mile and Edna; turn troubles near the car wash on Pine near Eagle; ACHD turns 40 and the Wizard takes a week off

January 15 - Why can't a shorter signal cycle be used at Fairview side streets like Mitchell so everyone gets more green? Update on rules for turning on a red light from dual turn lanes? ACHD turns 40 this month.

January 08 - OK to enter a crosswalk during the flashing orange hand with the new countdown signals? Can you make a turn on a red light if there are dual turn lanes?

January 01 - Is it legal to use a private parking lot as a short cut to another street? This is happening at the Walgreens on Glenwood near State; top five accomplishments thanks to letters written to the Road Wizard in 2011