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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

If you have a question for the Wiz, e-mail it to or mail it to the Road Wizard, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714. You may include photos of a particular situation, but photos cannot be returned.

Selected Year: 2013

December 29 - Signal request for 15th and Fort streets; drivers denied a green-light turn at Cole and Franklin; top five accomplishments made in 2013 thanks to readers

December 22 - Sidewalk parking, mailboxes and uncollected garbage cans on Whitewater Park Boulevard; why Expo Idaho street name signs are green instead of blue? The person to contact about ways to slow down speeders on residential streets

December 15 - Why reduce travel lanes on 27th Street after the Curtis Road fiasco? Why isn't there an "Exit Only" sign the on-ramp to westbound Interstate 84 coming from Milwaukee and Franklin?

December 08 - Westbound Fairview drivers endure long wait at Eagle, only to stop again at Hickory; drivers using bike lane to turn right at 27th and Fairview; remembering downtown Boise one-way streets

December 01 - Rules regarding covered loads; with Whitewater Park Boulevard open, when will 27th be restriped?

November 24 - Idaho 69/Meridian Road botched chipseal repair; Ten Mile and Franklin signal faked out by shadows

November 17 - Walkers avoiding the crosswalk on Whitewater Park Boulevard near Main Street; reader letter results in stop line change on Fort Street at 1st/State.

November 10 - Double yellow lines versus double-double yellow lines at Linder and Idaho 44; pedestrian concerns about sharp curve at Horseshoe Bend Road and Janie Road

November 03 - Reader prompts crosswalk improvement on Federal Way near the Broadway on-ramp; backups on westbound Idaho 44 and Idaho 16 explained; crossing double yellow lines to enter parking lot at Ustick and Cole allowed

October 27 - Requested speed limit reduction for Bergeson Street between Apple and Holcomb; long wait at Eagle Road (Idaho 55) and Wainwright Drive at 2 a.m.

October 20 - Why does Pierce Park Lane from State Street to Tobi Drive have no less than 50 manhole covers? What’s ACHD doing to improve safety at the sharp curve where Horseshoe Bend Road turns into Janie Road?

October 13 - Lumps of asphalt strewn along Federal Way from Amity Way all the way past Micron; left-turn lane from Idaho 44 onto southbound Linder backing up during rush hour; street paint changes made after chipsealing near Victory and Cloverdale

October 06 - Plants replace weeds at storm drain pond at Milclay Steet and Five Mile Road; bike lane removed on section of Pierce Park Lane

September 29 - Deep gouges around the train tracks on 3rd Street in Meridian; Emerald and Rifleman "rest in walk" reason; scrambled signal at Fairview and Records

September 22 - Wildflowers requested for the Flying Wye; Seattle has on-purpose, parallel white lines -- Ada County does not; out-of-state reader questions Idaho law allowing bicycles on sidewalks

September 15 - Why are there now stop signs on Columbia Road at Black Cat Road? Why the double white lines on both sides of Swan Falls Road? Flashing yellow arrow reqested for ParkCenter at Apple Street.

September 08 - Request to fix sunken manholes; bicycles making right turns on red lights; merging problems at Broadway and Federal Way

September 01 - Longer greens for bicyclists at Pine/Emerald; request for a "Left Turn on Red Permitted" sign on Avenue A; no chipseal for Ten Mile between Cherry and Ustick

August 25 - Why the double speed bumps on 26th Street in Boise? Street paint change granted on Black Cat Road at Moon Lake Drive; rules regarding crossing a white line when turning right

August 18 - Legal to jog on the road when there's sidewalk? Meridian Road and Pine Avenue signal acting strangely; Five Mile Road and Hiawatha Drive "do not block intersection" request

August 11 - Request for Goose Crossing signs; why left-turn signals are "lagging" at Five Mile and Emerald/Executive; Road Wizard clarifies right-turn lane rules

August 04 - Why no landscaping around the Flying Wye? Fine to drive on the shoulder before a right-turn lane begins; Jefferson Street and Avenue C sign-slamming suspects

July 28 - Why are there manhole rings on the sidewalks along Lake Forest Drive? Potential solution to sign being repeatedly knocked down at Jefferson and Avenue C.

July 21 - Why the weeds around Eagle and Amity roundabout? Trouble exiting St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center at Eagle Road

July 14 - Why is there a flashing yellow arrow signal at Idaho 16 and Sub Station Road when the speed is 55 mph? Signals out of sync in downtown Boise

July 07 - Concern about fencing along Whitewater Park Boulevard, fears about pedestrians and flashing yellow turn arrows; rightful right-of-way: bicyclists on sidewalk vs. turning car

June 30 - Bicyclist verses car: Who has the right-of-way? Improvements for Ustick Road between Locust Grove and Eagle roads; thanks for Columbia Village street sweeping

June 23 - Why does Ada County have longer signal cycles than Chandler, Arizona? What's with the yellow traffic signal back plates at 15th and Main in Boise?

June 16 - Request to reconsider 27th Street lane reduction; flashing yellow arrow signals switched back to green arrows; longer perceived drive time on Eagle Road

June 09 - Weekend signal coordination; pedestrian crossing difficulties on Ten Mile between Cherry and Ustick; plans for Centerpoint Way

June 02 - Is a signal going in at Whitewater Park Boulevard and Fairiew? Why Fairview traffic at Hickory Way in Meridian gets different flashing yellow arrow treatment? Crack sealing creates issues for motorcyclists.

May 26 - Bad timing for Linder Road repaving explained; right-turn changes on Eagle Road and U-turns; Amity and Eagle roundabout rules

May 19 - River Street and 15th stuck-on-red problem fixed -- how long should you wait at a malfunctioning signal? Long left-turn wait at Vista and Airport Way.

May 12 - Backstory on the lack of sidewalks on Collister Drive in Boise; update on new Eagle Road signal timing; reader letter prompts quick flashing yellow arrow install

May 05 - New Eagle Road timing plan may help eastbound Fairview lefts; stealth curb busts a tire at Glenwood and Chinden; flashing yellow arrows planned for Boise Avenue at Pennsylvania/Gekeler; thanks for flashing yellow at Eisenman and Gowen

April 28 - Long-term plan for preventing falling rock from Warm Springs Mesa; morning red lights on 15th Street in the morning

April 21 - Red lights at signals on southbound Meridian Road explained; hospital sign fade-out on Franklin near Eagle Road; State Street arrow paint at 27th Street update

April 14 - What's wrong with the signals on Cole Road near Interstate 84? Who's responsible for installing sidewalks? Thanks for smoothing the bridge transition on Cole over the New York Canal.

April 07 - Sidewalks wanted on Victory between Five Mile and Cloverdale; why reflective markers work better than ground glass; "unfriendly" merging brings new sign at Cole/Ustick

March 31 - Reader asks why citizen comments are needed to get road improvements made; sidewalk ramp design flaws at Riverside Elementary in southeast Boise; 14th Street between Idaho and Bannock repaved

March 24 - Fixes for backups at Locust Grove for McMillan and Ustick; median for Overland to stop illegal lefts out of Walmart; Eagle Road speed limit evaluation

March 17 - Why no center turn lane on Five Mile Road between McMillan and Treeline Court? Eagle Road and Bistol Heights Drive disqualified from getting a flashing yellow arrow signal; Jefferson and 16th left-turn tensions

March 10 - Must you signal in a turn lane? Can ambulance drivers trigger green lights without using sirens and lights? Can something be done about the tight squeeze on Victory Road near Riverside Elementary?

March 03 - Traffic signal request for Lemp/Harrison; HAWKs replacing yellow flasher at crossings; more on the long red at Goddard/Milwaukee

February 24 - Future name of the 30th Street Extension; Chinden/Ten Mile left-turn concerns; Eisenman and Gowen flashing yellow left-turn signal request

February 17 - Why do streets that do not connect share a name? Signal timing change at Locust Grove and Chateau Drive explained; resident blocking road remnant at Mountain View Drive and Ustick

February 10 - Speed increase on Targee at Maple Grove explained; pedestrian options at Fairview and Orchard; fog likely the cause of Goddard and Milwaukee red light

February 03 - Why no snow removal from bike lanes and some roads? Use of "No Outlet" verses "Dead End" signs; Centrepoint and Ustick right-turn trouble

January 27 - Fairview/Chinden fog interference; disappearing arrows at State/27th; no parking signs on South Edgewood near Greenbelt

January 20 - Why aren't bridge surfaces resurfaced like the roads on either side? Short, left-hand turn on Maple Grove at Overland explained.

January 13 - Why no rail crossing on Linder with new intersection at Pine? Who is supposed to remove snow form new sidewalk on State Street near Plum Street? Thanks for the flashing yellow left-turn arrow at Maple Grove and Emerald.

January 06 - Backups at Locust Grove and Chinden; timing of the Eagle Road/River Valley signal; Clearwater Lane and ParkCenter right-turn-only request