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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

2014 News and Replies

December 28

The problem with left-turn stacking on westbound Overland at Eagle Road; Top Five improvements prompted by Road Wizard inquiries in 2014. [Read more...]

December 21

Lake forms on Long Lake Way and Chinden Boulevard; misuse and laws regarding handicapped parking; Hollilynn Drive sign updated. [Read more...]

December 14

Why Capitol Boulevard's vehicle lanes don't line up on either side of Main Street? Driver sees no evidence of students while school zone lights are activated at Cloverdale Road at Hollandale Drive. [Read more...]

December 07

Update on flashing yellow left-turn arrows and conflicts with walk signals; new, freestanding signal buttons in Downtown Boise in the middle of sidewalks. [Read more...]

November 30

U-turn right-of-way rules at side streets; getting approval for a new driveway; Overland and Maple Grove signal timing; Cole Road now "smooth as glass" between Franklin and McMullen. [Read more...]

November 23

McDermott Road drivers blocked from crossing Chinden; reader responds to relic Boise Depot signs; Boise State University students interested in lighted crosswalk. [Read more...]

November 16

Property taxes fund largest share of roads and bike lanes; all impacted residents must support Leadville Avenue sidewalk; drivers turning left from 1st Street onto Warm Springs Avenue worry walkers; rocks not free for the taking at Americana Terrace. [Read more...]

November 09

Northbound drivers on 13th Street in Boise OK to pull far right at State Street; narrow State Street between 10th and 13th streets explained; manholes really need to be in the road. [Read more...]

November 02

Do school zone, sawhorse speed signs need to be obeyed at Cynthia Mann Elementary in Boise? Are bicyclists allowed to ride opposite the travel direction on a one-way street? Special reunion at the Boise Depot. [Read more...]

October 26

"Train Station" sign still standing at 23rd Street and Fairview Avenue in Boise; shoulder deterioration along Jay Road and muddy intersection; freeways in Idaho don't have "Keep Right Except to Pass" signs; 15th and Fort signal request revisited. [Read more...]

October 19

Adaptive signal operation not seen as so "rosy" on Eagle Road at Chinden and State Street; even "fast" drivers need to move to the right when blocking faster traffic. [Read more...]

October 12

Pedestrian walk button post on Greenbelt at ParkCenter and Spring Meadows Lane; sunken asphalt patch on Meridian Road just south of McMillan Road; Hill Road extension work begins this November and includes right-turn lane. [Read more...]

October 05

Adaptive signal technology may help left-turning drivers at Chinden and Maple Grove/Garrett; illegal ramp-to-ramp driving on Curtis Road at Interstate 184. [Read more...]

September 28

Ag drivers don't have to cover loads; Maple Grove and Victory signal congestion; Cloverdale Road freeway overpass railing maintenance. [Read more...]

September 21

Concerns about new sound wall blocking view of traffic at Emerald Street and Five Mile Road; water running over road at Boise Avenue and Martha; reader says road designs encourage left-lane driving. [Read more...]

September 14

Why no school zone near Sage International School? Reader complaint about chipsealing bike lanes. [Read more...]

September 07

Roller coaster at Capitol Boulevard and Boise Avenue; laws regarding slow-moving traffic in left-hand lanes; reader responds to ACHD's rationale for chipsealing bike lanes. [Read more...]

August 31

Reason behind “City Code Enforced” signs on 8th Street in Downtown Boise; sidewalk gap, weeds and tree at Whittier Elementary in Boise; visibility concerns at Kuna Cave and Robinson roads. [Read more...]

August 24

Chipsealing bike lanes; Lone concrete truck gets a green light before long line of vehicles on Idaho 55 at Idaho 44. [Read more...]

August 17

City U-turn rules can be more restrictive than state laws; reader still wants flashing yellow arrow turn signal at Boise Avenue and Apple Street; do drivers have to stop or yield when entering a public road from a private one? [Read more...]

August 10

Eagle Road signal coordination on weekends; chipsealing of a smooth road explained; reason behind no flashing yellow arrow at Boise Avenue and Apple Street. [Read more...]

August 03

Cole Road between Victory and Desert gets resurfaced, but part of Amity Road misses out; continued concerns about flashing yellow arrow left-turn signals; ACHD steps in to repair pavement at train tracks at Gekeler Lane crossing. [Read more...]

July 27

Readers react to pulling into intersections before making a left at flashing yellow arrow signals; unbalanced left-turn lane use near Gekeler and Bergeson in Boise. [Read more...]

July 20

New signal at Bogart Lane and State Street backing traffic to Arney Lane intersection; drivers should enter intersection when waiting to turn left during gaps in traffic. [Read more...]

July 13

Going full circle on the Eagle roundabout; center turn lane narrowed on Cole Road south of Franklin Road to allow drivers to miss bumps; burned-out signal at Bergeson and Apple and use of LEDs. [Read more...]

July 06

Manholes located in the wheel path on Apple street; why U.S. Ecology, Inc. rates numerous signs on Interstate 84; road project will ease backups on McMillan Road/Legend Avenue. [Read more...]

June 29

How 13th Street will become a better route to the Connector; new approach to be used to battle bike path weeds on Federal Way; hopes for a protected left-turn onto De Meyer Street from Cloverdale Road. [Read more...]

June 22

Asphalt gaps at sidewalks on Bergeson Street in Boise filled; signal delay at Easy Jet Drive & Eagle Road; reason for roundabout at Stewart Avenue and Whitewater Park Boulevard. [Read more...]

June 15

Why no green arrow for left turns at 13th and State? Confusion about stopping for school buses on a three-lane road; sidewalk and bike lane being built on Pine Street near Meridian High. [Read more...]

June 08

Plea for signs reminding drivers to yield for pedestrians at State/12th streets; request for video from ACHD traffic cameras; persistent Road Wizard reader rewarded with safety improvement. [Read more...]

June 01

The reason for the absent turn lane on Hill Road Parkway at Sunstone Street; baseball players parking on Tillamook Drive in Boise causing neighborhood distress. [Read more...]

May 25

Noise law regarding modified vehicles; signal timing change at Locust Grove and Fairview; Harrison Boulevard's many blocks require no signal. [Read more...]

May 18

Bushy trees a concern at Kuna and Black Cat roads after accident; how close can parked vehicles be to a stop sign? Public will have input on the St. Luke's hospital expansion downtown. [Read more...]

May 11

Will downtown Boise streets be re-timed with the buffered bike lane pilot project? Getting information about events that close roads, such as the Komen Race for the Cure. [Read more...]

May 04

Requested re-evaluation of signal timing at Capitol and Front; property owner responsible for weed and sand removal from Table Rock Road sidewalk; train crossing repairs for 3rd Street in Meridian derailed. [Read more...]

April 27

Help for delays at Cloverdale and Executive Drive/Emerald; Kuna Road/Black Cat will stay two-way stop; thanks for U-turn sign at Overland/Entertainment. [Read more...]

April 20

Bushes blocking view of turning traffic on High Street at Boise Avenue; repairs coming to railroad tracks on 3rd Street in Meridian; flashing yellow arrow left-run signal requests for Chinden Boulevard at Five Mile Road and at Cloverdale Road. [Read more...]

April 13

How to pass a cyclist when there's a solid yellow line; the authority of flaggers to override a stop sign; Ustick and Locust Grove construction impacts. [Read more...]

April 06

Why no parking on Cole Road near the New York Canal? U-turn sign missing on Overland Road at Entertainment; questions about signal operation on Amity at Cloverdale, Five Mile and Maple Grove. [Read more...]

March 30

Concerns at Pleasanton Avenue and Whitewater Park Boulevard; Victory and Cole roads; update on a lower-wattage bulb experiment on 36th Street in Garden City. [Read more...]

March 23

Left-turn lanes backing up on Eagle Road going to eastbound Chinden Boulevard; "No Thru Street" sign request for Walling Court off of Warm Springs Avenue. [Read more...]

March 16

Orange "artwork" on decorative rocks at Divide Creek and Linder Road not the work of road crews; ACHD tests tougher slurry seal as a chipsealing alternative. [Read more...]

March 09

In a rut at Eagle Road and Lake Hazel; is Division Street the worst in Boise? Long-term solution for difficult commute for westbound McMillan drivers at Eagle Road. [Read more...]

March 02

Preventing right-turning drivers on Yamhill from slowing Federal Way traffic; lengthy wait at Hickory and Fairview in Meridian explained. [Read more...]

February 23

Is Sunset Peak Road a publicly maintained road? Request for weekend signal timing to be used on weekday holidays; still trouble with turning traffic in center lane on Overland near Maple Grove. [Read more...]

February 16

How safety and convenience are balanced with flashing yellow turn arrows; lack of protected turns in Boise's North End on Fort and State streets; left-turn on red light rules at Whitewater Park Boulevard and Fairview Avenue. [Read more...]

February 09

Potholes and deteriorated road surface on State Street between 11th and 14th; unneeded construction speed reduction on Five Mile at Ustick; reason for short right-turn lane on northbound Ten Mile onto Franklin. [Read more...]

February 02

Who is supposed to clear sand off sidewalks when there are no homes or businesses? Reader prompt signal timing improvements at Cloverdale and Executive; plan to dim bright street lights on 36th Street in Garden City. [Read more...]

January 26

Roundabouts improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety; is ACHD keeping a list of first-come, first-served for speed bumps? [Read more...]

January 19

Plans for popped-off, white-and-yellow reflective markers; the reason why the new crosswalk across 9th Street between Main and Front in Boise isn't a HAWK signal. [Read more...]

January 12

Extra-bright streetlights on rebuilt 36th Street in Garden City; odd right turn at Ustick and Five Mile; speed study planned for reader. [Read more...]

January 05

Yellow light rules and timing; winter maintenance request; bye-bye to Eisenman "IC". [Read more...]

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