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Westbound Cherry Lane at Linder Road delays should be helped by signal changes and nearby widening; upside of removing landscaping at Hickory Way for a right-turn too little; reader happy with more flashing yellow arrow signals.

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: I walk my dog daily on the trails at Military Reserve. This is a relaxing ritual, until we drive away and I have to make the left from Reserve Street onto Fort Street. With the curve in the road on Fort, and the traffic coming up from Broadway, I either have to irritate the drivers behind me by waiting and waiting for an opening, or dart out quickly between cars. Any plans to put a signal in at this intersection?

Road Wizard:

The lower-foothills location of Military Reserve is hard to leave primarily due to the amazing trails and beautiful downtown views; it's too bad traffic can also make going home difficult. But the intersection might get a roundabout. (Sorry Fido, it won't be a "dog bone" this time.)

A new Fort and Reserve intersection is likely now that ACHD approved an eventual permanent closure of Jefferson between 1st Street and Avenue B for the St. Luke's expansion. Giving up those two blocks comes with a requirement for the hospital to pay for other road improvements.

However, plans are in the early stages, and it may take around two years for the roundabout to be built.

Dear Road Wizard: The other day as I watched a California minivan turn right from northbound Avenue B, eastbound onto Front Street, it occurred to me that there are no signs indicating the "one-wayedness" of Front at that intersection.  There's road paint indicating a left-turn only, but that's hardly conclusive. Also, the south end of Avenue B doesn't have any at Myrtle Street either.

Road Wizard:

Good catch! One-way signs should have been posted to supplement the pavement markings and arrows when Avenue B was built for the shopping area. ACHD will install the signs.

Dear Road Wizard: I have witnessed issues within Rivers End Subdivision. The storm drain inlet on the north side of Island Woods Drive near the intersection of Water Leaf Avenue appears clogged, and has been evident for months after any storm event. I also witnessed that no water was exiting the outlet pipe on the southern side of Riversong Drive. The water was infiltrating into the ground which could lead to various issues.

Road Wizard:

Thank you for the report. Since this lovely neighborhood is near the Boise River, it was the high flows this spring that caused what appeared to be clogging.

The drainage ponds in the subdivision were higher than normal because of the river levels, which caused storm drains to collect water slowly. The result was standing water on the road, but that doesn't do any real damage.

An ACHD inspector checked the other parts of the drainage system and everything was working fine. The recent lower water levels may have a lot to do with that, and the friendlier flows come just in time for floating this Fourth of July weekend.

Dear Road Wizard: The recent repairs made to Amity Road in front of Mary McPherson Elementary are sinking. It's about one-fourth of a mile east of Meridian Road.

Road Wizard:

Before getting too "depressed," please note that this was a temporary repair made after a hole was dug in the road to get under the underground irrigation canal. A water line is planned for installation this month. After that, there will be fresh, permanent asphalt repairs. For now, more temporary patching has smoothed the sinking.

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