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"Color Run' organizers get blame for lacking organization; State Street and 36th/Veterans Memorial Parkway school-year timing decreases delays; temporary stops removed on Tamarack and Taft after roundabout completion

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: I'm very disappointed with ACHD and "The Color Run." There was no advance warning or signage that Parkcenter Boulevard would be closed August 27. This was very inconvenient considering that Broadway Avenue was also closed. Maybe next time you guys can be more considerate and warn the neighborhoods nearby that this is going to happen.

Road Wizard:

Organizers of The Color Run are getting the bulk of the blame for the lack of notification and the traffic problems surrounding this event. They should, since it was their responsibility. Because of the poor performance, ACHD staff will be hesitant to approve for the event again.
Some drivers were blocked from reaching their homes, and traffic barrels and signs weren't removed for multiple days after the event. This despite organizers being told to have all traffic control removed when the run was over. Organizers were also extremely tardy in submitting their traffic control plan, which is a requirement for event approval.

Dear Road Wizard: Is the Wizard going to adjust the timing of the traffic light at State Street and 36th Street /Veterans Memorial Parkway for the school year? When school is in session, morning traffic eastbound on State backs up past Collister Drive. Also, can the light at 33rd Street and State be timed in the morning so that eastbound traffic that just got a green at Veterans doesn't get stopped again at 33rd?

Road Wizard:

Long-time drivers in the area have learned to associate traffic congestion with the start of school. In the past, delays on eastbound State stretched even farther past Bloom Street, more than a mile away.

The signal timing has been adjusted for the school year, as it has been for the past several years. The State/Veterans/36th signal drops out of coordination with nearby signals to provide more green time for eastbound State between 7:20 a.m. and 8:05 a.m.

Even so, traffic can still back up to Collister for about 15 minutes beginning at 7:45 a.m. While unpleasant, the delay is a great improvement from the former, 45-minute-delay days.

However, when the State/Veterans/36th signal is operating independently, drivers may get a red light at 33rd because the signals aren't coordinated. But just after 8 a.m., the signals are coordinated again and the number of drivers drops considerably.

Dear Road Wizard: Thank you for your quick response to my query regarding the stop signs at Tamarack Drive and Taft Street! It appears that you guys were super on the ball, and ACHD has already removed the signs. Don't let anyone ever tell you that ACHD doesn't listen to the people. Also, the roundabout at 36th Street, Hill Road and Catalpa Drive works a lot better than I thought it would.

Road Wizard:

Matt's original letter was about what appeared to be the random placement of two additional stop signs on Taft at Tamarack. Tamarack already had stop signs posted, so the intersection became a four-way stop.

ACHD installed the signs to manage traffic in the neighborhood during lane closures related to the nearby roundabout construction. Taft was an attractive route for impacted drivers.

The stop signs remained after the roundabout was finished to give drivers a chance to return to normal driving habits. ACHD removed the signs without prompting, but Matt's positive words are appreciated just the same.

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