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Right-turn yielding no longer allowed at Idaho 44 and Edgewood Lane; Milwaukee Street lane near Emerald Street finally paved; bump at 10th and Grove Streets gets fast repair

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Dear Road Wizard: I experienced yet another close call at the intersection of State Street and Idaho 44. The speed limit on this section of Idaho 44 is 55 mph. At this intersection, there is a tiny, tiny merge lane off of south State Street onto Idaho 44 with a yield sign. I have had at least four close calls here with people merging and assuming there is a long lane to yield. I have had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision. I have also seen multiple horrible accidents here. I have to believe there have been many more. My ask is that you put a stop sign here and also at the Eagle Road merge onto Idaho 44 for this same reason! This is so dangerous. Please do not wait for any more accidents to determine a stop is required at these intersections.

Road Wizard:

The State Street and Idaho 44 intersection Gretchen mentions is actually the Edgewood Lane and Idaho 44 intersection. But because Edgewood flows into State Street, anyone could be put into a state of confusion.

Edgewood and Idaho 44 is shared by ACHD and the Idaho Transportation Department, and they agreed in September that the yielding right turn onto westbound Idaho 44 should go, primarily because of conflicts due to the turn not having a merge lane. This is actually a bypass lane which means southbound traffic turning right can avoid using the through traffic lane.

Bypass turns were a more common design feature in the mid-1990s when traffic volumes on Idaho 44 were much lower. However, this is not how these intersections would be built today.

ACHD and ITD decided to make a change, and the traffic signal now controls the right turn. A "Stop Here on Red" sign has replaced the yield sign.

There haven't been similar adjustments for the right turn from southbound Eagle Road onto Idaho 44 because the traffic pattern there provides safer right-turn yielding opportunities, but the intersection will be studied further.

Dear Road Wizard: I see the lane on Milwaukee Street in Boise has been paved. It looks very nice, thanks so much.

Road Wizard:

People often wonder, "Why was a road paved then torn up a year later?" The stretch of Milwaukee between Franklin Road and Fairview Avenue received a new overlay in 2012, but part of it was skipped to avoid that very question.

The outside northbound lane of Milwaukee between Emerald Street and Preece Drive was left alone because ACHD knew city sewer work was scheduled for a later date at that section. ACHD returned this year to finish the paving.
Agencies work hard to coordinate projects with utility work in order to avoid damaging fresh road surfaces, and this approach worked out.

Dear Road Wizard: When traveling north on 10th Street in Downtown Boise, on the north side of the intersection with Grove Street, there is a rut that feels like hitting a brick wall. I was doing the posted 20 mph speed limit and it felt like my front suspension got knocked into the engine bay. Please have someone fix this, or at a bare minimum mark it.

Road Wizard:

The rut wasn't as bad as driving over a sidewalk curb, but it was close. ACHD smoothed out the bump even faster than the concern could be posted in the Road Wizard column.

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