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Burnett Drive posted as Quercus Avenue but goes back to Burnett by bending the rules; trick for worn-out sandbag-filling folks; residents should safeguard storm drains to avoid flooding; Road Wizard column has new link on a new page

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: I just want to thank you for taking care of this so quickly. They had taken down the Quercus Avenue sign and I'm just waiting to see what they will put up to replace it. I'm impressed!


Road Wizard:

Thank you for your original letter which pointed out that Burnett Drive suddenly had two different names, 300 feet apart.

As you first explained, Burnett is an "L" shaped road south of Victory Road. According to current street-naming standards, the north/south part of the L should be named Quercus, not Burnett, because it nearly lines up with the Quercus Avenue on the north side of Victory. But the Burnett L has had the single name for many years.

The east/west section of Burnett was extended to the west as part of a new subdivision. Developers naturally thought the north/south section of Burnett was Quercus, so the new intersection street sign was posted as Quercus and Burnett. All this while Quercus was still Burnett at Victory.

ACHD removed the Quercus sign at Burnett after a decision to allow north/south Burnett to keep its name. A Burnett and Burnett intersection may be another source of confusion for some, but it will simplify things for homeowners on north/south Burnett.

Dear Road Wizard: I saw a TV clip where they supported a ladder between two saw horses. They then put traffic cones on the rungs of the horizontal ladder with the cones pointed down. They used the cones to funnel sand into the sand bags below. One side of the ladder had shovelers and the other had sand bag handlers. It looked very efficient.


Road Wizard:

The Boise River is still running high, and cities near flood-potential locations are providing sand-bags for residents. But it's self-serve, so sharing the traffic-cone funnel trick is appreciated.

Dear Road Wizard: Lest we forget the travails of the winter just past, if we learned anything, it's the importance of keeping street gutters and storm drains clear of leaves and debris to prevent flooding and buildup of ice. Yet on my walks through the North End and other neighborhoods, I see storm grates still heavily-choked and covered with runoff-blocking leaves. What is ACHD doing to assertively get homeowners to take a little ownership of the streets that run in front of their houses by keeping storm drains open?


Road Wizard:

Idaho law says it's a crime for residents to allow debris to obstruct the flow of water into storm drains.

For their part, ACHD reminds residents to keep drains clear and routinely sweeps streets to prevent storm drain blockages. But in the North End, parked cars often block sweeper truck access to gutters and drains.

It's rare for ACHD to report resident violations to police; they prefer to be more neighborly about it. But residents can contact law enforcement, and also ACHD, when problems occur.

Dear Road Wizard: So, what's happened to the Road Wizard, did he fall into a pothole? There hasn't been an update since April 9, 2017.


Road Wizard:

The ACHD website has been replaced with a remodeled version, and the new Road Wizard page is located there. Some readers may be using a link to the old Road Wizard page, which is no longer updated. The old page should be gone for good once ACHD's website transition is complete.

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